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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Choir for senior graduation:)

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The day started when I woke up in the morning at 6:45 am!uff.I was suppose to wake up at 5:50am!but i think i turned the alarm off haha too sleepy then i went and wake my mum up haha she was like 'you dont have anything important happening to school today right?' i was like :| 'I HAVE GRADUATION TO PERFORM AT!!!' haha then she was like 'I forgot!ok ok get ready' hahahaha then we went out at 7:15 and reached school at 8:30am == haha i was sleeping in the car though:) then we had normal classes as usual till 5th period when one senior girl in our choir called me in the library and i was like yaaayy haha:P then went to take our bags and shoes from my class then went to the music room.Practice about 5 times with the song ' May the road rise' which is an amazing song to sing!especially when youre choir have sopranos autos and etc! hahaha Then we change to our NEW choir clothes which was pretty nice haha moree girly like then the one before haha anyways I got my new high heels arrghh 5 inch tall!first it was fine and evrything than after the first performance i wanted to cry because it hurts. hahahaha but i still wore it hahaha coz it was like AMAAZING haha so i cant resist:P fashion can be painful sometimes..what can you do right?:P haha the head girl in the school made the best speech ive heard ever.hahaha i think you can compare her speech with Obama's haha:P it was funny andd inspirational!haha then the headmaster Mr.Sherman did a presentation for the graduates haha it wass funny and wowish i wanted to cry thinking we're one step closer to graduate high Anyway then all of this ended at 8:30 pm and i got home by 9 or less than that.I forgot.hahaha but i got at home in time for american idol ;) haha
My feet hurts...several headache coming in hahaha andd Im tired and the mascara on my eyelashes feels so heavy right now >.< hahaha anyway tty all soon byebye

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Death isnt the end.

Death.....a very harsh things which constantly happening every single day to humans.My friend Juliet just lost her Mother yesterday..She passed away probably due to high blood pressure..Its scary to think that, It can happen to anyone of us..We can lose all those whom we love , Losing a mother isnt an easy thing, Nothing with death is easy..Juliet have an older brother and a younger recovering from the tragedy..its horrifying when your mother dies actually horrifying doesnt actualy describes the feeling of the lost,Mothers are the one who gave birth to us , the one to take care of us when we're young and sick,They love us no matter what.All of us will face the death of our mothers someday somehow..its just a true fact that no one can escape from, we just dont know when..I can't stop crying just to think about losing my mum..I cried today in the class thinking about how Juliet is suffering..I feel sorry for her..Hope her mother will Rest In Peace.May god help Juliet to be strong again and her brothers especialy sami the younger one, he's only in grade 6...I saw him today at school..I can see it in his eyes...the want of his mom back to his life..=(

Death isnt always a bad thing also and all of us know that, We get closer to God, Heaven is 1000000000000x better than life here in this world can ever be, In order for us to get in, We must do good deeds and be a better person.A better Muslim in my case.I still remember my Grandfather's death in july 1st 2007..I was sleeping over at my friend's house Najwa, I remember talking to her about my grandfather just the day before about how much I miss him and hope he gets well soon since he have been in the hospital for a few weeks then..And then at 10 in the morning my mum called me on my phone..she was crying..I was so worried what had happen that made my mum cry!And then she break the news..I didnt cry yet cause my body and mind didnt seem to be taking that information in..Its just to much...then she told me she is going to pick me up and go home..All came out of my mouth was..'k' and then I can see the tear falling from my eyes..Im crying even right this second..My grandfather was the besstt grandfather in this whole wide world!!I love him sooo muccchh!!I miss him teaching me english when I was small, we use to talk only in english, He was the best english teacher I will ever have in my life..Now everytime Im going to go back to penang, I always forget He isnt going to be there anymore...I cant stop myself crying just thinking he is really gone..=( Live isnt always fair right?:(

I hope he is in a better place right now may Allah take cares of him.God bless Him.
I miss you grandpa!:'(
I love you

Friday, April 10, 2009

8th april 2009

My flight from London reached at 6:30 am got home at 7:45 and got ready for choir practice and head out at 8:45 to school then finished at 12pm then Kyna begged me to go to one of my friend's hse == so I had to go and told my mum and everythin then we went to my friends house played guitar hero 3, internet surfing, guitar lessons haha and took lotsa pics hahaha as always;)My mum told me to come home by 5 because I had to sleep since I didnt sleep during the flight but i ended up coming home at 8:30pm:/
hahahaha she was like next time be on time!!! hahahahaha phew she didnt kill me since my dad was out hahahahaha xD I went online and stayed online till 12 then i gave up, I NEED TO SLEEP!hahahaha.I slept for 14 hours and 35 minutes :P ahaha jealous?hahahhahaha Next day my mum told me Amanie is going to come and I could go cycling and jogging round da buheira lake which i did ith amanie and kaisah at night haha it was fun hahaha:/ Today , friday , I DIDNT GO ANYWHERE!hahaha Im just too tired to go out:/ so i told my mum we r not goin anywhre today!hahahahha xD haha Tommoro i have choir practice at 9am till 11:30 am pft hahaha going with my friend then my mum would be picking me up then head to Uncle nik's house!yay im gna meet my friends!cant wait miss them soooo much!!:)

neways byebye for now ;)


hey!im not gna write bout london no more!i gave up!!tooo much too telll! soo tired
hope u guys forgive me ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009

London - 4th day

Hey hey hey haha lemme update you on wht happen u yesterday the 4th haha:)
Went out a 12 or 1 i think went to eat at the besstt malaysian restaurant evaaaaa!!they had the best food ive ate in my entire life haha even better than those in malaysia!hahahah xD then took the tube to erm oxford circus i think and then took a bus to hyde park then walked through the hyde park and then headed to buckingham palace!:)haha it took bout 10 minute walk i think but, while i was walking, the scenery and everything was just so perfect I was thinking bout my life and how ive growned up ALOT.:/ but it was a relaxing walk I should take a walk sumtime if im streessed out and stuff.Anyway back to the update haha As i reached the buckingham palace..wah it was beautiful the whole freaking structure of the building looks expensive, the ground inside the gate at the buckingham palace was all covered with special pebbles which was shipped from Malaysia as the Queen request it should.We took lots of pictures and stuff sat at the fountain opposite the main enrance to some pics there too then walked to victoria station and took a bus to oxford street.Went to selfriges first!haha but i couldnt find the bag i wanted and after 20 minutes there they told us theyre closing down -.- gah hahaha so went out and went to FCUK and saw this amazing pink and black bag but i was likee let see other shop first coz it was 80 pounds!dang.hahaha next shop was Jane norman ahhh the shop was filled with beautiful clothes hahaha and i saw a whole collection of new handbags for spring and summer and saw this really cute white bag!and i had to buy it so i grabbed it and went to the cashier xD you know why i had to pay for it fast?MY MUM WANTS IT TOO AND SHE WAS GNA BUY IT!haha so i had to go buy first be4 she buys it coz i dunt want her to have same thing as me!:D hahhahha After that went to starbucks got my iced carammel machiato with extra caramel and wait for my dad he had a meeting -.- hahaha then when he finished we took the tube and went to queensway and ate at the malaysian's restaurant again for dinner, it was lovely:) by 10 we walked back to the hotel and i went online as usual and wtched tv for a while haha in the end i slept at 1 -.- hahaha:)
I miss dubai dunt really know why xD hahaha
anyway cant wait to get back!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

London - 3rd day

My third day here and its stilll been fuunn and exciting!I woke up at 9:30 am and went online with the blackberry waiiiittinggg for my dad to wake up -.- and he ended up waking up at 12:30pm == god.hahaha.and it took him till 1:40 to get ready!!ah man, always takes lotsa time to get ready :P hahahaha So we went out about 1:45 to the train stationa nd took the tube to westminster and went to big ben/house of parliaments!WAH, the whooleee structure of the building and everything bout it is just sooo wowish hahahaha It looked amazing man i was speechless...hahaha took lots of pics over there ofcourse haha walked all around it, went to the park next to the house of parliment, then took a bus to marble arch to eat lunch at subway :S I got starbucks which was besidee subway thankfuly hahaha!! Iced carammel machiato with extra carammel my all time fave<33 hahaha with chocolate belgium brownie<< hahaha I miss coffee already:(hahaha Oh and then too the bus again went to wait ermmm...victoria station then took the tube to st james park, SUPPOSE TO GO TO BUCKINGHAM PALACE hahaha then took the wrong turn:S and ended up at the eye of london, ahahaha there we saw lesbian couple making out:S hahahaha it was soo funny my mum was laughing and she was like 'why dunt u try and take a pic of tht'hahahahha i was like'Mummy!nooo!!they'l see me taking a pic of them and il just get killed with whoever the guy of the two girls is hahahahaha' we were laughingg so muuuucch hahaha after that hilarious incident we took lotsa pics with the eye of london background and we sat at a bench with the eye of london right infront of our eyes my mind was like ' woooowww' hahahhahaha after that we walked and walked and took a bus to oxford street again:S Somehow every single day we end up here :s HAHAHHAA then took the tube backk to the hotel and the dayy wass overrr we reached the hotel about 10 or 11:S HAHAHA it was scary walking back to the hotel hahaha the street was soo quiet and empty:/ hahhaha but as soon as i got back to the hotel room i layed in the bed looking at the pics in my camera and took a nap and now its 12:31am here in london which is 3:31 in dubai and i stiiill cant sleep, Im sick, have bad coughs hahaha andd its pretty annoying when ure trying to sleep and stay quiet == hahaha my mum is asleep already my dad is emailing people== and wtching tv and me?im justt laying on my bed and trying to sleep and trying to post this issue isnt helping either xD
anywayyy i better try harder to go back to sleep!in order to do that i better turn off the laptop!ive been using the internet on my blackberry the whole day today!at the bus in the streets hahahaha and rite now im sick at looking on the internet xD

BYEE!make sure u read my but my 4th day which will be post soon after my 4th day ofcourse== which is tmrw byeee!gdnite!

London- 2nd day

Its my 2nd day in london andd my feet already hurts from walking xD haha
Woke up and get ready as usual, walked to the tube station and went to trafalgar square and to the national gallery anddd the horse guards.Very interesting and beautiful place haha The national gallery had all sorts of painting of the past centuries of kings and queens and such which was all owned by queen Elizabeth.hahaha and there was this section of naked pics hahahahaha my dad was like Lets turn back!haha and told my mum ' theres naked pics in there!haha' as if i didnt hear him and my mum was like' omg she can see it it doesnt matter, almost all the pics there are on her history text book already -.-' ahahhaa.I was laughing so hard the guard in the gallery literally told me to keep quiet hahaha xD we couldnt take pics in the gallery though:( but i tooook lotsa pics outside and at the trafalgar square.After that we took the red bus suuppose to go to buckingham palace but ended up at oxford street again!hahahhaa this time we went to thee best mall in london which is called 'selfriges' they had almost all amazing top designers in the world outlets in the mall!hahaha when we enter my mum wanted to o in the LV shop and saw people was literally waiting and queing in line to enter the shop -.- hahaha thats how muchhh people want to have their stuff!hahaha so my mum was like nveerrmind lets go next time so I ofcourse went to the clothes, handbags and shoes section and i got stuck at juicy couture's was like a shopping heaven for teenage girls hahahaha EVERYTHING was amaaaziinggg aahh hahaha i think i was in that shop alone for about 2 hours:s hahahahaha and i got this amaziingg pouch!:) and i saw this amazing handbag which i probably going to buyyyyy before going back xD but have to use my own moneyyy!ufff.After that we went down to the make up section and my dad went to the men section, my mum bought make ups and offered me to buy some but i said no ofcourse.I DUNT LIKE MAKE UP.dunoe why:S Maybe not yet i guess i just dunt have time to put it on xD even a freakin eyeliner anymore hahahaha.After that we went to Russell&Bromley and my mum got a new handbag:S they got amazing handbaags there but i sooo prefer juicy couture more xD hahahaha after that i ate waffle which i bought in some stall:s haha then took the tube back to the hotel:) it was a tiring dayyyy as always:/

Read what happen on the 3rd day!!:)

Friday, April 3, 2009

London -1st day

Ohmygosh,Im here finally!after 7 hours in the airplane and a whole month of waiting till this day came!hahaha ps: sorry i cant upload the pics of the day till i get back to Dubai:(I forgot the connection wiree.gah!

Anyway as i said,As soon as i got out of the plane went to get my bag then bought my Uk number but i ended up getting 2 numbers in the end of the day:S hahaha
The day wass amazing yet a chaos hahahhaha.
From the airport we took the underground to victoria station then ate breakfast at mcd.My mum was like you can't eat meat and chicken over here theyre not halal hahaha and i realised a tear coming out of my eye hahahahhaahahaha tht was so funny i was crying because i cant eat steak and burgers:s LOL! hahaha then too an underground to bays water where my hotel was situated.We had to walk about 5 minutes with my LUGGAGE! to the hotel hahahhaa.Then sleep for like 2 to 3 hours then I had to wait another HOUR till my dad wakes up== hahaha and went out to the underground again took a train to earls station then to high street kensington HAHAHA and at high street kensington was where i was ALONE, Me and my parents were going to take a train to victoria and when the train arrived my parents ALREADY went in and there wasnt any time left and the train door closed and I WAS NOT IN THE TRAIN unfortunately hahahaha so I was alone for like 20 minutes I think with a dead battery phone and no money == this is why my dad HAVE o give me some money maan!hhhahaha So my mum tried to call and the phone was off she thought i was kidnapped or sumthin LOL she came back to high street kensington station with my dad running to find me and she saw me sitting down relazing listening to music LOL hahahha and she and my dad laughed:S hahaha anyway we took the train to victria then change the train line to go to oxford circus (oxford street) AND OMG that street is the besttttt shooppingg streeett evaaa!!Probably all fashion designers have an outlet there and major fashion department!I was breathless hahahaha xD haha i got a kate moss dress from topshop!it was freakin 50 poundss!!!In Dubai its probably about 600 dhs which is like 100pounds! it was worth it to buy it here hahaha then went to mark and spencer and my parents went shoopping mad there my dad bought like more than a dozen of shirts== his reason was ' I like stripes!its so new fashion' LMAO i was laughing liikee hell hahaha everyone was staring at me xD my mum just bought few tops I ofcourse cudnt shop anymore till the next time I go back to oxford street! cant waiittt!SO we took the double decker bus to victoria station and took the underround circle train to bayswater and went to a small mini tesco near our hotel and bought some snacks and drinks then walked to our hotel! hahaha a VERY VERY tiring dayyy!walk walk walk god.hahahahha.FUN day and still its only the first day!today(the second day) not sure where we're going probably london bridge and big ben(house of parliament) lets hope so *cross fingers*

Bye bye everybody!:)
need to get ready ;)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring breakkk holidaay

My spring break is starting tommorow till the 19th of april babe!hahaha

London London, Here i comee!!!

hahaha.My flight to Heathrow airport,London is at 2:30 am 7 more hourss!!!gosh.:(
I already saved all the important places i need to go there on my phone ;) hahahaha
it includes oxford street for shopping << hahahahha I cant waitt to goo although im going to walk soo much I hope I'll lose weight ahahhaaa ;p *cross fingers*
Im not going to shop that much i guess saving money to buy birthday presents for my brother and friends almost 10 people in the same freakin month INCLUDING ME which is ofcourse in june ;) so yea hahaha.I want to go to Paris by the TGV train but my dad saidd nexxxttt timmeee!! hahahaha cause He doesnt think we can finish london in 7days== hahaha.

Anyway one bad side about all of this!
coz its tommorow == :'(

Okay okay i better stop now hahaha
Need to pack my bag!!yes i know...i didnt pack my bag yet..its just that i cannnttt decideee wht too wear there!!!hahahaha:P
ps: dunt think il be online while im there:s dang!:(