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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your my prince, I miss you.

You say that im your only one,
You say that im your number one,
Now you're gone, and i feel numb,
Please tell me where do we go wrong?

You were my bestfriend and my boyfriend,
Now it seems like you're my worst friend,
Without you, im a whole different person.

Im not acting like I use to,
I dont feel loved like I used to,
It was you love I was used to,
Why did i have to lose your love? :(
Your love is what it was,
that made me feel so alive.

I have so many things I wanna say to you,
Guess this means Im missing you,
Sorry for the things that I did to you,
Im so lost without you, please come back?

Its so easy to fall in love with you,
You're my prince,
Baby, Your remarkable
So special and so wonderful.
You just make me feel alive.

Alive - Black eye peas,
i changed it a bit,
I can relate to the song.

I miss you :(
and Im sorry


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