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Monday, September 21, 2009

Eid al fitr or should I say Selamat Hari Rayaa!:D

This year Raya wasnt as much fun as the ones before,
My brother isnt here,
Najwa too:(
Everything went pretty slow till the last house at Haziq's when I met Yasmin, Sarah and Frina and Liyana.
I had a blast having fun, acting stupid and being a kid;) HAHA.

I think i went to like 10 houses or something on the first day
Effin tired.

Second day had only 2 houses to go.
Auntie Yati;s hse at Jumeira was fun.
Hang out with faidhi till he left,
then as soon as he left, Frina came.How lucky right?:P
Took tons of pics!
too bad not with my camera.
il be getting the pics soon.HOPEFUULLLLYY.
and I'll upload it on Facebook and myspace;) haha.

Anyways Enjoy Eid with your love ones!
Take careee<3


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