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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busy busy summer

Hello hello hello people <3
Sorry didnt put up new post lately
too lazy and busy!
haha, done alot of things this summer!
and its only been a month
now lets see wht ive done so far aite?;)
.watch tones of movies in the cinema
.starbucks-ing ;)
.make lotsa stupid shit videos
.finished all my money that i saved up -.-
.went to cheercomp 09, it was okkaay, last year was better!
.have new hopes
.watched transformers 2 over 5 times :/
.late nights n early mornings ;)...make that late afternoon i think :P
.hanged out with my dearest friends everyday<3
.been searching for a french teacher!
.got a new ankle boots!weee
.made a contract agreement with my brother ;) haha u know wht i mean:P
.laughed so hard that i thought i got breathing problem right after that hahaha
.overcome some of my fears :D
.made a whole new cheograph dances for sugar - florida ft wynter andd krazy - pitbull
.made new friends!

haha im blank now...
il update later
need to sleep!
before my mum knows im online.....


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