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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday the 29th

On friday, I had to wake up about 9:30 ate breakfast then watch tv hahaha :P
then I studied for a few hours and got ready to go out to the sea!haha My family and another 2 families went to take a cruise in the sea with one of the uncle's company's yacht boat or WTVER you call it hahaha.
It was fun, I stayed up the whole time till i decided it was too hot and i need ac so I went downstairs and inside.Sat at the dining table with my friends and talk and talk then all of us went downstairs to the lowest floor there is and head to the master bedroom and we hang out there for a while, I was bored a bit and i saw lotsa mirrors around us hahaha so I asked the guys and girls to go on the bed and take a pic of us all together at the mirror lol, funny :)
Then about 8 pm we had to go back to shore and get off the boat, I was sad haha, i wish we lived in a boat instead of a house sumhow hahaha:P
Then i begged my parents to go to Frina's house since she was having some dinner haha so my dad said yes so we all reached there about 9 sumthin, as soon as I reached there nabila was there already and i saw the two of them, i started smiling really hard since i was soo happpyy that i saw them again!!I really really miss them so much hahaha.Then all of us started talking hahaha then head outside for a while, i was high hahaha dont know how, but yeah hahaha i was laughing pretty much the whole time , and i keep on forgetting why did i laugh hahaha =/
Then we went to frina's room haha we made sumthin like a dnace video haha fuhneh hahahha.=)
then my parents called me to go hom at about 10:30 :(
I was pretty sad again hahaha i hugged them all, nabila , frina and liyana <3
theyre so much fun to be with =D
here are SOME pics i took tht friday:)


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