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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Graduating?please say not yet!wait for me:P

How does it feel when ALMOST all of your friends are graduating WAYYY earlier than u?
hahhaa its sad really:P Im going to miss them like HELLLL!:(
This year two of my friends Frina and Nabila are graduating high school and off to college :/ the two best friends!:(
Im going to miss themm likee SO much!Both of them were like my sisters!theyre so much fun to be with=D haha.Both of them graduating and probably even going to the same University which is so unfair:P hahahaha.But look at the bright sight!we still have internets video calls and phones to be in contact with each other anytime we miss each other :)
Damn, I got 2 more years till my IG..its sad really haha by tht time Faidhi, Najwa ,Brian , Haziq , Liyana , and almost everyone i know already finished the previous year!which is next JUNE!:(
argh.I was suppose to do my IG in 2012 but i persuade my mum to let me do it in 2011:P hahaha.
And omigosh haha 3 more weeks till my birthdayyyy:) I cant wait to celebrate it with my friends and parents!:)
and 4 more weeks till MALLAYYSIAA TRULLYY ASSIIAAA;)
Me cant wait to meet all of my friends thereee!its been such a LONG time!=(
Neways this is some pictures and moments I shared with Frina and Nabila.
Im going to miss you guys!Love you bothh so much bff!:P
Lots of hugs and kisses to you guys!:)


At May 23, 2009 at 1:04 AM , Blogger wany said...

frina pergi college mana?

*the word verification for mine is!

At May 30, 2009 at 8:37 AM , Blogger Frina said...

awww sweeetie,
that was very sweeet,
so now that ur leaving off uae,
i dont really think ur gonna continue livin with that sad face,
unless its about one thing, [more to a person actually] that matters in dubai :P

wany, insyaAllah kalau x de halangan pape,
i pegi either UTP or UniTen. xD


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