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Friday, April 3, 2009

London -1st day

Ohmygosh,Im here finally!after 7 hours in the airplane and a whole month of waiting till this day came!hahaha ps: sorry i cant upload the pics of the day till i get back to Dubai:(I forgot the connection wiree.gah!

Anyway as i said,As soon as i got out of the plane went to get my bag then bought my Uk number but i ended up getting 2 numbers in the end of the day:S hahaha
The day wass amazing yet a chaos hahahhaha.
From the airport we took the underground to victoria station then ate breakfast at mcd.My mum was like you can't eat meat and chicken over here theyre not halal hahaha and i realised a tear coming out of my eye hahahahhaahahaha tht was so funny i was crying because i cant eat steak and burgers:s LOL! hahaha then too an underground to bays water where my hotel was situated.We had to walk about 5 minutes with my LUGGAGE! to the hotel hahahhaa.Then sleep for like 2 to 3 hours then I had to wait another HOUR till my dad wakes up== hahaha and went out to the underground again took a train to earls station then to high street kensington HAHAHA and at high street kensington was where i was ALONE, Me and my parents were going to take a train to victoria and when the train arrived my parents ALREADY went in and there wasnt any time left and the train door closed and I WAS NOT IN THE TRAIN unfortunately hahahaha so I was alone for like 20 minutes I think with a dead battery phone and no money == this is why my dad HAVE o give me some money maan!hhhahaha So my mum tried to call and the phone was off she thought i was kidnapped or sumthin LOL she came back to high street kensington station with my dad running to find me and she saw me sitting down relazing listening to music LOL hahahha and she and my dad laughed:S hahaha anyway we took the train to victria then change the train line to go to oxford circus (oxford street) AND OMG that street is the besttttt shooppingg streeett evaaa!!Probably all fashion designers have an outlet there and major fashion department!I was breathless hahahaha xD haha i got a kate moss dress from topshop!it was freakin 50 poundss!!!In Dubai its probably about 600 dhs which is like 100pounds! it was worth it to buy it here hahaha then went to mark and spencer and my parents went shoopping mad there my dad bought like more than a dozen of shirts== his reason was ' I like stripes!its so new fashion' LMAO i was laughing liikee hell hahaha everyone was staring at me xD my mum just bought few tops I ofcourse cudnt shop anymore till the next time I go back to oxford street! cant waiittt!SO we took the double decker bus to victoria station and took the underround circle train to bayswater and went to a small mini tesco near our hotel and bought some snacks and drinks then walked to our hotel! hahaha a VERY VERY tiring dayyy!walk walk walk god.hahahahha.FUN day and still its only the first day!today(the second day) not sure where we're going probably london bridge and big ben(house of parliament) lets hope so *cross fingers*

Bye bye everybody!:)
need to get ready ;)


At April 3, 2009 at 2:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur mom mesti dah freak out gilaaa. and went like 'AYAH ANUM MANA ANUM ANUM!! AYAHHH ANUMMM!!!' hahahhahah i so can imagine ur mom freaking out cuz her baby's not with her. haha
and i so can imagine u sitting down alone listening to songs -_- haha

At April 3, 2009 at 1:23 PM , Blogger Faidhi(FyD) said...

Hmm, obviously u had lodsa fun! smpai this much u tulis!!
hahahahhaha that part where u and ur parents separated mcm movie scene je -_-
u ddnt describe the tube trains! are they like cramped or comfy?


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