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Friday, March 20, 2009

A wedding.

It was on thursday 19th of march 2009 ,1 day before my parents annivesary and 2 days before mothers day.Uncle Ariffin hosted a wedding for one lovely couple wedding ceremony...I really dunt know who was the groom and the bride:)haha.And plus i wasnt even wtching the ceremony haha I was upstairs with my friend talking and talking hahaha:)And it was funnnn!haha.Very tiring.We were laughing like the whole time uff.hahaha.we took pics but il just show one ;)hahahahha.OH and i met fyd!haha miss him:) he was bald!!!!i laughed so hard:P but i think he looks better haha I THINK.:)

<3 bff :)


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