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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love is a riddle

okay so its 15th of time past by fast.2 days before my two best friend's birthday Brian and Nicole.cant wait:) Anyway got my bike today haha i actually gave up my gym membership for dat better be worth it.god.haha.Life hve been pretty busy for me lately, got lotsa stuff going on.Im just tired 24/7 nowadays too many activities i think.hahaha sleepy too.huhu.Have to practice everyday for my coral assesment in may, study for my test and exams :( lotsa hwk to do and french vocabs to remember.ergh.I met my friend last weekend havent seen him for awhile now!he changed hahaha:)anyway I just finished the 4th sequel to the shopaholic novel collection i just need to buy the 5th/last book and finish it and il be done.I got pretty addicted to it.Its good for a person who likes shopping:PIf you are one then go ahead and buy them!:)

My dad went to europe today for a meeting with the european union for some stuff.miss him:(hahaa.I miss my brother too sumhow.hhaha.ssssh.IM SO SLEEPY YAKHI.hahaha.i want starbucksss:'( i miss my ICED CARAMEL MACHIATTO!damn that drink is goooddd!!

Anyway, im sleepy as i said a thousand times already so im going to sleep!:)
nyties people!


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