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Friday, February 13, 2009

DFC 13th Feb 09

wasss fuun yesterdayy hahaha.
We stayed there more than 6 hours :/
HAAHA.we went to the rides section first haha.
went on few rides haha.
TAGADA(one of the ride's name) was the mosttt FUN one ever.:)
fave ride hahhaha.
last time i went was 2 years ago with Ayin hahaha.I miss her:( haha.
and went on few other rides.
hahaha.then we went to the skate park.i swear i didnt know there was a skate park in dfc:/hahaha.till yesterday:P hahhaa.
we just hang out there for like 1 whole hour then we decided to go for bowling!!:)
I got fourth place!!wtf:( ahaha.the ball keeps on going to the gutters.ergh.
After that Ella wanted to go to the rides again SOOO we went and ride again.:/hahaha.
i didnt ride xxl extreme ofcourse!haha.Too puke again.:(
Anyway after that we went to eat!!while on our way we met few other friends from school.hahaha.the whole shopping mall was full from tws students== ahaha.
After we ate we went walking around the fun fun.haha.
So here some pics we took tht day.
most of the pics are on my fb.:)


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