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Thursday, January 29, 2009


So i just came back from sahara and its 12:30 am.
It was a very tiring day today.
I didnt wana go to school today but then i had some important stuff at school which mean i HAVE to go.*rolled eyes*haha thats what fyd always do:P*rolled eyes*
ANYYWAAY as i said i went to sahara rite rite?
so i went there firsttt to meet my friend R, we wanted to watch a movie together with one of my other friend but then i told her plan changed coz one of my other friend isnt coming=.= soo she didnt come:(
hahaha.So my parents decided to come with nice it was..
My dad wanted to watch this movie' slumdog millionaire' which i have watched once and have loved it but i dunt think its worth to watch twice.haha:P
so i bought 3 of us tickets to watch yes man!:)haha. it was funny but not THAT funny was kinda romantic in the end<3 KINDA.haha.
I was full in the cinema coz i had to finish myyy whoollee freaking steak at dinner=.=
im so bored rite now:(
im only chatting with mark and frina
why isnt the others online??:(
Im gna end this now.
this is what happen to me when im bored.i talk crap.


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