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Friday, January 2, 2009

1st day

So its the second day in the year 2009.
feels weird to write 2009 when ure used to write 2008 for 365 days already =p
I think 2009 would be a better year than 2008 haha.
Anyway yesterday was ALOT of fun.As you can see the pictures at the below post, we went to Mushrif park for a Malaysian Uae Family day and to remind everyone about Ghaza.The people there seriously need help.We should try to stop the israelis from bombing Ghaza.They're alot of innocent people who are dying each day.:(
So one of the uncle had like a tabung where people donate money for Ghaza.
I think they got quite alot actually.I hope so.:)
So yesterday, they had aloott of games from tug of wars to wheelbarrow haha.
i only played tug of wars twice i think and wheelbarrow once.
won both tug of wars game weee.wheelbarrow kalah.the guys won.haih.THEYRE STRONG!ITS NOT FAIIRR.hahaha.
In the end they had a game for the parents.haha.The mum had to tie the Dad's hair and sape lagi byk wins.In the end i forgot who won but all the 5 dads were posing a gay pose!!IT WASS SOO FUNNY!hahaha.everyone laughed the crap out of them hahhaa.=p
At 3 all of us left to go home.haaha.
In the night we had a lil bbq at one of the aunties hse.verryy fun.
haha we played lotsa stuff.atee a lil becoz all of us were mostly full sumhow:S
hahhaha.All of us went backk att 10:30 or 11:30 lupe.haha.
Balik2 je sume teruuss online was fun until everyone wanted to go to sleep!
haiih haha.i slept at 3 yesterday haha.:)
loovee it;)


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