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Monday, December 29, 2008

Some of my new year resolution(=

1.Keep my promises.
2.Lose some weight.not too much.X nak jadi anorexic.haha.=p
3.Be a better student at school.
4.Get A and A+ for my final exams and year 9 mid year's.
5.Sketch one dress or accesories(handbags,shoes) that is in my mind each week.
6.Learn how to sew.
7.Save money for a trip with my brother.(:
8.Pray 5 times a day.hehe.=P
9.Try to spend more time with my family.
10.Not to waste time on such silly stuff while you can do more meaningful ones.
11.Be a KID once in a while.too matured is always boring =)
12.Be more grateful to what people give and what i have.
13.Dont curse too much.haha.its bad lah.
14.Make new real friends instead of fake ones.
15.Dunt judge people.
16.Help the poor and needy(:


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