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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Broken hearts

I've seen one too many broken hearts in my life.Share (stolen from a friend)

I know exactly how you feel.
ive gone through everything you have
and even thought i dont really show it
its just cause i hate thinking about my past
and thinking of you and him, remind me of what i used to have.
You'll always meet that one person who will do anything for you, and make you believe that he can't live without you.
It all sounds so perfect as you plan out your future with him in your head.
you have it all planned out.
He plays along telling you everything you want to hear.
and you love it.
you love him.

But then, you wake up one day
and out of nowhere
it hits you in the face
you find out things about him, that you never thought could be true
everything just falls apart.
But now, it's time to say goodbye.
i know its hard.
But i promise, eventually there will come a day when you'll
think of him as a friend, who came into your life
to help you become stronger and learn from your mistakes.
that day when
his status updates
his notes
his pictures
will mean nothing to you
just like you meant nothing to him.
I think that there are people like him,
who come into your life, and are suppossed to be there for a reason
even if it's just for a short time
you were ment to meet him
But i guess it wasnt ment to last as long as you epected.
and now is time to just, let go.

Trust me.
I know what its feels like to not be able to move on, and still be stuck in the past, hoping he might realize the big mistake he made, and he'll want you back.
I guess he felt that way about her too,
What he did to you was wrong.
and as much as i hate him for what he did to me,
Its what he did to you that makes me want to fucking murder him.
it kills me to watch you go through everything i did.
and i still wish there was a way i could have stopped you before you got too far.

i know you thought he was different
one of a kind.
not like every other jerk out there
he made you believe that you would be his first and his last
and you trusted him
he promised you everything
but his promises are just promises.
its just a word.
it means nothing to him.
When i think about it.
think about everything you've done for him
risking your friendship with her.
he didnt realize that.
all he cared about, was what was best for him
but its okay
its not the end of the world.
I tell myself that everyday.
that no matter how long it takes
everything will turn out perfect in the end
it just takes time.

I know what its like everyday to learn something new about him and her.
getting closer again, as if you never even existed in his life.
It's funny how he lied his way hrough everything
and he made you believe it all
but shit like that happens to everyone.
its called life.
its suppossed to be complicated.

Whenever you used to talk to me about him.
you reminded me of myself.
of my past.
and i hated that
because i never knew what to tell you.
im like the worst example to follow
it took me how many months? almost a whole god damn year of being depressed
But i overcame it, and you will too.
it just takes time. seriously.
so be patient.
It's just part of being human i guess.
But i know for a fact, and i believe that there will be a day when i'll see him, and not think of him as an ex from the past.
but as a friend, who made me stronger in every way possible.

Wherever you go, and whoever you talk to.
People will talk about me.
Im like te most talked about person. No joke.
but i want you to know that it might not always be true.
because, honestly people can get really jealous.
its true.
and i cant do anything about it! haha
but if anyone should be jealous.
its me.
your beautifull, inside and out.
and you deserve so much more than him.
Even though sometimes you can be a bitch.
i'll always love you
and be here for you.
No many how many times your heartbreaks,
No matter how many guys you fall for,
Just remember that,
You'll always be the best he never had.


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