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Friday, October 31, 2008


ive been punished for all the bad things ive done in these past year espacially this few months.i realised that no matter what u hide from your parents or friends that in the matter in time they will find out sooner or my mum did.and i think i am a bit grateful that she did.because i dunt think i even want keep on lying to her about it.And i promise to myself , God and my parents that i will try not to repeat all the bad things that ive done and try to be a normal kid growing up.My mum was pretty mad today and even wanted to send me back to malaysia and go to a boarding school.its still undecided.but she understand my situation and told me not to worry about my dad cause i know...if my dad knows what i be dead.literally.And rite now i realised how much i should actually be apreciating my mum. how much she'l do for me just to keep me happy and safe.i love her so much.and i think ive a different person now.i really wanna be a good girl again lyk my dad always thinks i am.i want my parents to be proud of me not embarassed or hated.i love them.i hope they know that.i hope they would change their mind of letting me go away for school.i want to be with actually crying rite now while writing this.this is how much i regret wtever i did.and i hope all my friends will try to do good instead of matter how much u have scrued up.ure parents will still be your parents.they wont stop loving you no matter all should remember that.for real.i didnt really appreciate them and respect them as much as i should but i will from now on.they have taken away my phone , laptop , almost everything.and i do think that i need a break from all of is my last day coming online on msn for a while.maybe until my mid term exam finish(4th dec 2008).but i will update my blog at least once a week from now on.

till then.
Farida Anum Musa.


At October 31, 2008 at 10:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

u made my eyes leaked! haha
i love my mom more than anything. and that includes shopping! well shopping comes second. hahahah or maybe she comes second cuz i love god first. :/
my dad comes 4th cuz he's a bit bossy. hahahah and 5th comes anum! yay!
btw what was the thing she found out? xp

At November 2, 2008 at 11:31 AM , Blogger Frina said...

ohmygod dear, dun temme she found out bt wat he'd been tellin u all these days! Crap, m really sad 4 u n proud dat atleast ur nt bein 'degayle' as in nt goin against ur mum unlike others. M proud that atleast u hav d intention to change and realised wat past's nt gona end upagain in future.. U cn call me if u need 2 talk since i dun realy noewhen ur freeokie? xoxo Ily dear. Be strong! XD

At November 3, 2008 at 10:56 PM , Blogger Anum. said...

thanks u guys (:


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