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Thursday, October 9, 2008

so little things to do yet so little time ):

weekends have arrive people...
man i got so many things to do...ugh,
.geography project,anyone can help me?haha.
. english homework (tones of them)uff.
.helping mum with the open house tmrw.bapak penat.
.oh yeah have to do some chart work..for the class..god.

i just came back from city center(:
got a new dress and sunglasses<<
hahaha xp
n bought my mum a new purple handbag haha.
as a present ofcoz lol.
and and and and im so bored....
listening to lovebug - jonas brothers again and again and again n now im sick of it....ok tht was random blablabla.
i love nick jonas though xp.
he is soooo cute!hahaha.
i shud be doing my geography project sooo bye u all xoxo


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