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Friday, September 26, 2008

Me, Myself and I

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The name is Farida Anum Musa

A Malaysian who apparently living her life in Dubai

Thirteen years old (:

No words can describe a girl like me, hahaha I’m a bit unusual but that’s what fun about me is!

I can literally make people smile but at the same time,

I can make them get annoyed! Ha-ha Sorry guys who get annoyed by me.

Can’t help it =p

I love shopping and if anyone like need a shopping partner you know who to call xp

I get emotional easily and I’m pretty slow at stuff ha-ha. Got to admit it sooner or later rite?

I can be a pretty good friend if I get the same from you. (:

And I don’t take friendship for granted whereas I have been taken for granted for the past year with some of my ex-friends unfortunately.

I love to chat, I love PINK, I love my parents ,brother and my best friends or should I say my life savers ;)

Cant live without them =)

And oh yeahh I Love talking on the phone for hours!lol.

Anyway I created this blog so that girls or maybe guys huhu, can read stuff about

.my life


.being on top


.latest fashion trends

.best shopping malls shopping addicts should visit!

.teen must have novels


.and lots more coming on ;)

And I just really hope that people would actually enjoy reading my blog.

Lol.I have a very good feeling about this, and actually I’m apparently doing this with my friend who also just created a blog lol.


Anyways, till my next post


Fara (:


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