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Friday, September 26, 2008

skinny jeans obsession (:

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My obsessions over skinny jeans are pretty humongous.haha.

Can’t go out without them (:

It’s just amazing how they can fit you so fantastically.

They have been in trends since May 2008 and will stay in trend forever.

Stars or should I say celebrities love them!

Such as Jessica Alba, Hilary duff, Nicole Richie and so much more!

It’s actually worth the money to buy skinny jeans!

It can actually cost from 30 bucks to a 7 thousand bucks


But of course don’t buy a skinny jean that has a very unreasonable price!

You can always find lots of other skinny jeans in other shops (:

There are lots of colored skinny jeans. From a black color to a green one! Yikesss.

If you’re like really brave maybe u can wear a green one =p

But I’m so not lol (:

I usually stay with a black, grey, and denim (:

But if I want to be a bit daring I would wear my red skinny! Xp

Anyways if you’re staying in Dubai you should go to a shop called strandiva in mall of emirates they have some of the best skinny jeans in town and the jeans are quite affordable! (:

And if you’re in Kuala Lumpur you should hit pavilion! And go straight to forever 21 xp

Ps: 1.if you’re not comfortable with them don’t force yourself =p

2. Dresses would go absolutely great with the skinny jeans! never try it before? well try them now! It’s never too late =p

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Anyways, till my next post


Fara (:


At October 3, 2008 at 6:20 AM , Blogger AnisAmira said...

i hv one and i like it too ;)
btw, nice blog..


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