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Sunday, October 26, 2008


i thought life was easy but i guess everyone thought so too.everyday everyone faces new stuff and discover themselves day to day.i still havent though...just wondering when is it my turn?my life is pretty confusing already rite now and im just struggling with my brain.ugh.wished my dad decide to go back to malaysia before the midterm even start.tommorow is the school open house and after tommorow im not sure whether im even alowwed to go on the computer EVER.haih.people keeps on pressuring me with how my brother had done so well and telling me all this amazing stuff that he acomplished well im sorry to dissapoint you all but im not totally different.i think being creative and unique is better than being perfect.anyways,what am i so worried about?no one is actually perfect, there is always some way that makes a person.... how should i say this....NOT PERFECT and its okay to be not-so perfect just make sure that u believe in yourself and follow your heart.people have depressing/stressful years well,this is mine.but you know what?its already almost the end of the year and ive survive.i think ive tried my best to control my life.make it proper,straight and happy.

cheers to life (:



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