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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


time passed so fast!
argh.exam is next weeek!gileee))))=.6 more days ayoo.sakit i got the portion and islamic and i have to learn about 14 lessons!!and 2 surahss with baik next week only maths and english language haha.
AIDA came to dubaiii todaayy!hahahahha.i missed her so much hahaha.i wished najwa wud come here toooo )=
i MITE go camping tmrw hahaha.but no clue how am i gna survive.haha.i have to hunt for a sleeping bag at the mall today if im going haha xp. bored..esookk wellington boys are comingg to ourr school hahaha x)
sengal gle.haha.
on friday i have a hallowwweenn ball party at le meridien!!!hahaha.cant wait gila2.
and i finished my twilight book 2 days ago.haha but i havent read the new moon coz its with my frend nicole!hahaha.esk baru dpt.x sabarrr(:
the movie is coming out on 4th december!im gna go crazy!hahaha.
today at school was embaraaasssingg!!haha the choir had to sing bop to the top== at the auditoriummm.hahahaha i was laughing on stage when the boys sang their part hahaha.they suck.seriously.hahahahha.they only enterred it to get extra credit.haha.bdh gile.
i was ofcoursseeeee hiding my face trying not to get eye contact with anyone i know!which is very hard to do but i tried haha.=p
lol newayss kene sembahyang lah hahhaa.
mummy dah marahhh!!hahahha.
with lots of loves!


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