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Friday, November 14, 2008

Camping trip at the Island

the last thing i said to my mum when i left the house was 'its not fair!!!ure sending me to hell'haha.i was going to a camping trip.i didnt wna camp AT ALL.scared.kinda.haha.But when i reached thr i got to know aidaaa and fydd and frina was cming!!!hahahaha.and i was damn excited haha.the trip was kinda fun i was a full moon tht 12 the boys and girls(13+) went to this old hse which is not even ready and all of us shared ghost stories haha it was scary yet funny 1 oclock when ala(one of the guys)were talkkin bout his uncle or someone who sings this song by the beach and then ghost will come from the sea.and guess what aida knew the song!and started singing it!!!!hahahhaha everyone got scared!!!hahahaha i ran out with ala and nabil!hahahaha.and then few minutes later i saw a black cat and i scream and nasa ran laju gile kluar!!hahaha then saif and nabil hahaha.i was the 4th to get out.fyd was the last.cian.hahaha.sume dah takut hahaha.bdh kan?and the whole nite was sooooo cold!!!!! it was about 16 or 18 degrees by the beach.sejukkk.we or i slept at about 2:30 i guess.not sure.haha.and woke up at 5:30.awl was too colddd to sleeep.i didnt even have a blanket!!!me and aida woke up and went to the water was warm sumhow...haha.fyd woke up earlier than us.hahaha.cian again.haha.we atee breakfast by the was soo peaceful.(=.then at 7 we all hit the beach ecxept frina!haha she was listenin to songs in the was fun though!we all played stuff.haha.all of us took some of the sand and threw to faidhii haha..cian again.=p hahaha.when i went home terus tido!!! 1:30 to 6:30 pm! still sleeppyyy.esk nk gi sahara yay!and omg the exam dah dkt gile gile gile.hahaha.its on wednesday!hahaha i still didnt studyy busy lahhh.hahhaha.sooo thats howw the ccaammpingg trip went was fun!=)


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