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Saturday, December 13, 2008

BICYCLE/Choir crap

Last Night i rodeeeee aaa BICCYYCCLEE!!!!!!
hahahahaha.i missss riding a bicycle):
it wassss sooo much fun!!!
In dubai not many people ride bicycle ecxept the grocery guy who delivers stuff or wtever use it.
kat malaysiaa almost everykid have a bike.itss reallyyy fun.
my parents wont buy me one coz i dunt actually have the time to go on it.ahahaha.
since all i do is sit here at the laptop(:
But today i went to the lake with my frendss and we went bicycle-ing haha.
i got some pics of me riding the bike hahahaha.yay.hahaha.
and some of the pics we took there(:

Today was first day of school since the eid and national day holiday,
i got almost all my results for my mid term exam and i IMPROVED ALOOTT.thank god.
thanks to najwa to tell me to study hard!hahahahhaa =p
no dumb blonde wants to be stupid.wait.does that makes sense?:S
anywayysss the whole day we had choir was fun.
we were suppose to sing were all in these together == in the slow version.
haha.some of the guys and girls were cursing while singing andd the teacher madee us ran 12 laps around the football field.wa.thanks guys.thank you so MUCH!.
tommorow is the awards day for year 9 to 11.our choir, the senior choir suppose to perform 3 songs.1 is a spanish song about what we can do and crap.the other one is you raise me up buy that church guy who i apparently forgot the name hehe hahahaha.and the 3rd one is we're all in this together from hsm hahahahha.stupid foolish songs.i lyk u raise me up the most(:
The choir girls had to wear black skirts and white shirt.haha.
im going for a hunt for those after awhile(:
i slept the wholeee dayy today after i cme back from school.
very very very tired.
slept at 2am yesterday and woke up at 5:30am today== 3 and half hours of sleep!!
ergh.i cudnt sleep
thank god some of my frends werent sleeping yet =p
anywayysss wish me luck for tmrw!wee.haha.
i have to stayback at school till 7pm!

till theennn


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