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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

eid al adha(:

raya this year was kinda alot of fun actually.
hahaha.funny mum was driving the whoolleee day coz my dad cudnt drive since he is sick.
we went to auntie sharifah's hse.people were shocked when i wore skinnies for raya!
hahaha.first day.who cares.=p
after thatt we had to drop my dad to grand hyatt to visit his LONELY frend who just had an operation the day before.hahaha.poor him.hope ul get well soon Mr.Ansari(=.
then we headed to auntie tipah's hse where i was suppose to meet nabila there and frina!but frina left alreaddyy and nabila is JUST getting ready.hahaha.
so i had only about 30 minutes with nabila)= haha.we took a picturee with the burj dubai.haha pretty cool.

anywayys in the end i ended up in frinas hse.haha.mkn redang daging.BAPAK fave;)
soo today im going to malaysia!!x sabar seyh.(((:
gna have alot of fun there.miss my friendss.)=
my dad already went to kl.he took the morning flight==
haha.i didnt wake yea.hahaha.


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