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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter holiday

So here i am in my winter holiday, enjoying myself with friends and family at dubai.
Its been weeks now since school was closed for the holidays.
I have been relaxing alot.staying up at nights till 3 to 5 am.haha.
I have no better way to live.=p.
I think people who sleeps early are really wasting time.
Why not enjoy it?Why not talk to friends on the internet for houursss.
My dad have been travelling alot.Busy.As usual.
No time for us.He told me ot be patient and wait for him to finish his work.
Then we can go for holidays.I am okay with that i guess.just pleasee dont make it too long.
I want to go to europe again.Its amazing.I want to see the eiffel tower , the eye of london and lots of other stuff.
My mum wants to go to Iran on the 27th==.I already went there.I wna go sumwhre else.uhh.
Anyway the holidays have been fun too.
Went bowling.
Went to the cinemas alooott of times.
Went to a bithday party at starbucks.BEST PLACE FOR COFFEE ADDICTS LIKE ME(:
Went to Global Village
Went to shopping malls ofcourse!
Went to friends house alott.

Anywayyyyy.On january 8th my auntie and grandma is coming heree.weee.the joy.
hahaha =p
I cantt waiit too go shopping with my auntie!haha.
Yesterday was aatika's bday.
As i have mentioned it above.i Attended a birthday party at starbucks.pretty unusual right?but man was it fun!it was the bomb if ud say so =p
we all got her juicy couture stuff.pretty cool wtching her jumping off her chair looking at the toness of giftss people bought her.haha.
Right now im actually addicted to a game on facebook called bowling buddies.
haha had to takee a breathe there =p
got addicted to it coz of fyd!hhaha.
blame it all onn him people!=phahahhahah
I better stop blogging now.
need to start playing the game
I HAVE TO BEAT FAIDHI!hahaha.very hard actually.
i think he is cheating:E

Gdnite sweetdreams!


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