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Friday, January 16, 2009

Abu Dhabi:)

Today me and my family(boy dont i just sound like i kid in kindergarden)went to abu dhabi:)
we went out of the house at 10 and reached abu dhabi by 11:)
First we went to the beach.The sea water wasss BEAUTIFUL not like in jumeira beach.urgh.
After tht we went to emirates palace.The whole thing was just amazingly awesomeness.
ahahaha.FUN FUN FUN.
Then we went to naif my mum wanted to take sum clothes.
and i got a new pair of shoe!it was the best price!20dhs!!how cheap is tht?!?
(im trying to save money):P
And now i am home.home sweet home.great.
Tommorow i have to wake up at 6==
anyway here are some pics of today!


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