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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The pics above were taken at Gv last friday i think.hmm.
So today my Dad came back here from malaysia this morning.wee.haha.
My auntie and grandma is coming from malaysia today the evening.the joy.:P
My uncle is coming here also haha from sudan at midnight!cant wait.
tmrrw will be a full not use to it.but ofcourse it'l be fun!:)
my uncle is staying for the weekend only):even my sad):
On friday , which is tmrw i wonder where we are goingg haha.i cant waiittt.
probably take a tour of dubai or gi oman:/
hahaha.i cant wait to takes picss weee.hahaha.
Anyway this week have been really started on monday.first day of school.very very tiring.yet a very energetic day hahaha =p the second day was more fun since we found out most of the teachers were absent hahaha.and yesterday , wednesday tht is..I slept the whole time in science , maths , andd english was it great.<3hahahaha.
Today i didnt go to school haha.My mum woke up amazingly I did not go to school and went back to sleep.(:
I FINISHED THE TWILIGHT SAGA 3 DAYS AGO.weee.My fave book from the 4 is new moon.i like the ending:)
btw people theres a fifth book.but its the edward's version of TWILIGHT.(the first book) it called 'midnight sun' but im not sure when it is out and there is this other book called ' the twilight saga official guide' which is out already in america not sure bout the rest of the world.:S hahahaha
All twilight saga fan need to buy these two books!seriously =p
Anyway il tell you all about tmrw next time:)
Au revoir!:)


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