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Friday, January 23, 2009

Desert safari

On the 22nd jan which is yesterday, the grade 8's had a trip to go for desert safari.
we head out from the school about 9am.It took us about 1 hour to reach the freakin desert.=.=
when we got off the bus there were about 20 landcruisers waiting for us and everyone was straight away running to the cars.hahaha.
i think my group was the last one who got in a car.haha.
we had to take pictures:P
when we got in the landcruiser, the driver took us around the desert for a small dune bashing before headed to the camp.It was so much fun better than the last time i went and its only the first part ,after lunch all of us get to ride once more.haha.
My friend brought a cd with her and asked the driver to put it on and everyone started screaming and singing and laughing!hahaha.It was a bumpy ride i tell ya!haha.
one time i thought it was really going to fall:/ i screamed like hell and the driver was like looking at me..hahaha:/
When we got in the camp they put some songs and told us to dance! was fun we even had a dance off.==
hahaha.ohohoh I got a dragon henna.prettycool i guess.just wished it was a black henna:( 12 everyone had to go on a freakin camel and ride it around the desert:O
haha.2 people can go at a time so me and my friend yehani went first.hahha.
The camel got up sooo fast!!i thought i was gna fall!hahaha.
there wasnt any seat belts:'(hahahahxp and then while on the camel my friend was like omgomgomgomgomg the wholeee freakin way and i was just praying i dunt fall and the camel get dowwnn really smoothly haha and it did.thank godd!
hahaha.the second dune bashing was okay but the first one was better haha.
after that we went sandboarding:/hahahaha it was fun i fell few times huhu.hahaha.
my hair was full of sand that day was worth it:)
By the time we were all going back to school it was like 4 and we had to take the stayback bus at 4:30 so the driver had to drive fast.:/.and well, HE DROVE PREEETTYY FAST.i think he'll get a ticket for yesterday.i hope:P
i was sleeping in the bus haha.too tireddd.:(
And when i got home i went straight to bed till 7 haha:)short nap but felt really good after tht:)hahaha.
Today my dad is coming back from germany:)yay.he took my camera with him=.=
haha.Im still tired of yesterday.Im suppose to be in oman rite now:(
but i was too tired:(hahaha.
anyway here are pics of yesterday:)


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