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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heartless Creature.

Tell me why did you leave?
Without even saying goodbye to me,
Without letting me have a chance,
To tell you how much I Love You,
Even if it's for the last time.

My heart was just left broken,
With no one to heal it,
How could you do this to me?
I never thought you were so heartless.

I wanted you to know,
That I was still in love with you,
Still not over you..
You were my Prince Charming..
You were the one i thought who was going to be with me Forever.

But now i just realised it was all a Big Mistake.
My mistake to have you in my life.
To Let you break my fragile heart again and again.
You can never be the One.
You never appreciate anything I do.
Ive Had Enough Of You.
You Heartless Creature.

Just something i wrote.
Not to anyone in particular.
Just wanted to express my Feelings.:)


At February 1, 2009 at 3:33 PM , Blogger beyonddelife said...

adakah puisi atau lagu?
so close with me

At February 2, 2009 at 6:07 AM , Blogger Anum. said...

i wrote it.
who r u?:/


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