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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Career Talk :/

Last Friday the malaysians in dubai had decided to have a career talk.
4 adults talking about their career.
.medical department.
.Architect.i like this one the best:P hahaha.
.Aircraft engineering:/

Anyway i really got inspired by the architect who talked about his career... i forgot his name though:/
But he really gave me hope to become a successful architect:P haha.
My brother is actually doing architecture at the moment in Malaysia.
He said its interesting haha i dunoe if i should believe him or not.haha.
Im also thinking of being a lawyer but dunt wna go to hell:P hahahhahaha.jk.i think:/

On the 21st feb im having my IGCSE orientation programme.
have to decide which subjects i should be taking for my IG.
I feel like i wna take business studies and accounting instead of physics and chemistry.
I Love maths.i know.weird.but still.i hate science hahaha.
Maths just seem more interesting for me.
My dad probably wants me to take science instead of business.*much safer konon* hahaha.
My mom say If i wna go for business and accounting GO AHEAD:) hahaha.
She said she wont force me into anythin i dunt wna do:) haha.
ILY mommy:P ahaha.
Most of my friends is taking science.But i shouldnt just be taking science because i dunt wna be seperated from them.Have to take it seriously kan kan?hahha.
i reallyyy wnaa gett AT LEAST 6A OUT OF 8 HAHA.
My mum is thinking of putting me in institution.she say its much better.more concetration hahaha.Im okay with that i guess.Il miss schooling though.:(

Oh and i just knew there was a pregnant man in this world:/
that was random.
neways esok History test!!I studied:P
Il try my best:)ghahhaha.

gtg.byebye cyberbuddies:P


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