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Saturday, February 21, 2009

IGCSE orientation program

Today at school All the year 8's had IGCSE orientation program in order to decide which subjects they're taking for IGs.The introduction of the program was by the Principal Mr Neville Sherman.When i came to the school with my parents, The principal was almost with the introduction so didnt really hear it properly.Anyway after that The head of section told us to go to the basketball court where all the Head of subjects is going to be there and we can ask them our questions and doubts.
So me and my parents went out.But before we headed out, the prefects of year 10 gave us the form where we need to fill the subjects im taking and have to give it to my class teacher by 5th i had only few weeks to decide:O.So we went out and there was sooooo maannyyy Head of subjects from biology to enviroment management:/
I only went to ICT head of subject then went to the career counsellor how ever u spell that:/ hahaha.The school only 12 subjects to choose from:S
.business studies
.enviroment management
.ICT(information communication technology)

So i chose 7 subjects:/
.Business studies

im not taking science subjects cause i really dunt like science...hahahaha.
Its toooo boring! I LOVE MATHS XD haha:P
The career guy said im very organised in studies:/ my dad was like:O hahaha.
So he told me I should take what i like not what my parents wants me to take:P haha.
Cant wait for my IG year!:)
Au revoir!


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