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Friday, March 6, 2009

Family day 06.03.09

Today was ALOT of fun!the most fun i had in all of the gatherings of malaysian people!
fun fun fun.heee.
We went to the island for a family was fun.we went on a cruise at the sea before going was fun:) oh and the cruise ship cant go to the shore coz it was too low so we had to change to a different and smaller boat in the middle of the sea....hahahaa.weird.
The malaysians were divided into 4 teams.
haha i played alot of games today aha.i was even captain for the adults galah panjang*its in malay so for those who dunt know malay its a game which i have no idea wht's it called in english hahaha.
we got first place XD hahahaha.i was happy.haha:P of course.
I played tug of war got second place.hahaha in the final it wasss tiring! my leg was in literally.IT HURTS ALOT ='(
then we played captain ball.I score about 5 times:Phahaha out of 7.hee.
we got second in that.then we played medley race!AND OMG I WASSS SOOO INFRONT BUT THEN I FORGOT TO TURN BACK xD
hahahhaa.lupe oh.coz i was having a huge headache and was dizzy soo i got it all mixed up huhu.:( i was dissapointed in myself.pfft.

In the end i got 4 prizes:)hahaha.and on the way backk on the boat.The driverr wass soo stupid.he drive like mad on purpose.he keeps on turning.I felltt sick!it was like a roller coaster ride..aahh!haha all of us we screaaammingg!scary.hahaha.
So now im at home.parents are a shopping mall...without me:(.huhu.And im siting here at home All alone as always haha:)
Anyway here are some pics of today.


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