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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Atlantis Aquaventure

The aquapark wass AMAZING.FUN.TERRIFYING! hahaha we went there on friday the 27th
the rides were all scary== god.hahaha
i went on all ecxept the plunge which is just too high and lotsa drops haha and the leap of faith where u feel like commiting suicide:)
But its 100x better than wild wadi!Although there wasnt much rides :(
maybe they'll make more soon.Lets hope so!:)
I went to the stinger ride first hahaha got a bit of headache!hahaha my stomach went wowness.hahahaha
then went to dead and gone!AMAZING RIDE!hahahaha veryyy scarryy u dropp alottt!
after that we had to queued in the line for shark attack!haha
Its a tube which you go in through an aquarium full of sharks , stingrays and other fishes.hahahaha i forgot i was in it and i touched the tube and saw a shark beside me and screamm sooo looudd!hahaha My friend amanie thought i was stuck or something xD it was hilarious haha
Then we went to the rapid fire, It was fantastic!!hahahaha amazing the waves were sooo big i get pushed so easily hahaha.
Then after that went few other rides then eat.
Shawarma pepsi and french fries for 54dhs==
hahaha we coudnt bring food from outside so yea haha
After tht went on some of the rides again!:) hahahhaa
and swim at the lagoon very nice;)
then headed home otw we went to mcdonalds then to uptown mirdif to send nabil's friend Alex.After tht got home and went online;)
hahaha veryy tiring day!:)

fun fun fun:)


At March 29, 2009 at 6:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

qued. hahhaha


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