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Saturday, April 4, 2009

London - 3rd day

My third day here and its stilll been fuunn and exciting!I woke up at 9:30 am and went online with the blackberry waiiiittinggg for my dad to wake up -.- and he ended up waking up at 12:30pm == god.hahaha.and it took him till 1:40 to get ready!!ah man, always takes lotsa time to get ready :P hahahaha So we went out about 1:45 to the train stationa nd took the tube to westminster and went to big ben/house of parliaments!WAH, the whooleee structure of the building and everything bout it is just sooo wowish hahahaha It looked amazing man i was speechless...hahaha took lots of pics over there ofcourse haha walked all around it, went to the park next to the house of parliment, then took a bus to marble arch to eat lunch at subway :S I got starbucks which was besidee subway thankfuly hahaha!! Iced carammel machiato with extra carammel my all time fave<33 hahaha with chocolate belgium brownie<< hahaha I miss coffee already:(hahaha Oh and then too the bus again went to wait ermmm...victoria station then took the tube to st james park, SUPPOSE TO GO TO BUCKINGHAM PALACE hahaha then took the wrong turn:S and ended up at the eye of london, ahahaha there we saw lesbian couple making out:S hahahaha it was soo funny my mum was laughing and she was like 'why dunt u try and take a pic of tht'hahahahha i was like'Mummy!nooo!!they'l see me taking a pic of them and il just get killed with whoever the guy of the two girls is hahahahaha' we were laughingg so muuuucch hahaha after that hilarious incident we took lotsa pics with the eye of london background and we sat at a bench with the eye of london right infront of our eyes my mind was like ' woooowww' hahahhahaha after that we walked and walked and took a bus to oxford street again:S Somehow every single day we end up here :s HAHAHHAA then took the tube backk to the hotel and the dayy wass overrr we reached the hotel about 10 or 11:S HAHAHA it was scary walking back to the hotel hahaha the street was soo quiet and empty:/ hahhaha but as soon as i got back to the hotel room i layed in the bed looking at the pics in my camera and took a nap and now its 12:31am here in london which is 3:31 in dubai and i stiiill cant sleep, Im sick, have bad coughs hahaha andd its pretty annoying when ure trying to sleep and stay quiet == hahaha my mum is asleep already my dad is emailing people== and wtching tv and me?im justt laying on my bed and trying to sleep and trying to post this issue isnt helping either xD
anywayyy i better try harder to go back to sleep!in order to do that i better turn off the laptop!ive been using the internet on my blackberry the whole day today!at the bus in the streets hahahaha and rite now im sick at looking on the internet xD

BYEE!make sure u read my but my 4th day which will be post soon after my 4th day ofcourse== which is tmrw byeee!gdnite!


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