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Saturday, April 4, 2009

London- 2nd day

Its my 2nd day in london andd my feet already hurts from walking xD haha
Woke up and get ready as usual, walked to the tube station and went to trafalgar square and to the national gallery anddd the horse guards.Very interesting and beautiful place haha The national gallery had all sorts of painting of the past centuries of kings and queens and such which was all owned by queen Elizabeth.hahaha and there was this section of naked pics hahahahaha my dad was like Lets turn back!haha and told my mum ' theres naked pics in there!haha' as if i didnt hear him and my mum was like' omg she can see it it doesnt matter, almost all the pics there are on her history text book already -.-' ahahhaa.I was laughing so hard the guard in the gallery literally told me to keep quiet hahaha xD we couldnt take pics in the gallery though:( but i tooook lotsa pics outside and at the trafalgar square.After that we took the red bus suuppose to go to buckingham palace but ended up at oxford street again!hahahhaa this time we went to thee best mall in london which is called 'selfriges' they had almost all amazing top designers in the world outlets in the mall!hahaha when we enter my mum wanted to o in the LV shop and saw people was literally waiting and queing in line to enter the shop -.- hahaha thats how muchhh people want to have their stuff!hahaha so my mum was like nveerrmind lets go next time so I ofcourse went to the clothes, handbags and shoes section and i got stuck at juicy couture's was like a shopping heaven for teenage girls hahahaha EVERYTHING was amaaaziinggg aahh hahaha i think i was in that shop alone for about 2 hours:s hahahahaha and i got this amaziingg pouch!:) and i saw this amazing handbag which i probably going to buyyyyy before going back xD but have to use my own moneyyy!ufff.After that we went down to the make up section and my dad went to the men section, my mum bought make ups and offered me to buy some but i said no ofcourse.I DUNT LIKE MAKE UP.dunoe why:S Maybe not yet i guess i just dunt have time to put it on xD even a freakin eyeliner anymore hahahaha.After that we went to Russell&Bromley and my mum got a new handbag:S they got amazing handbaags there but i sooo prefer juicy couture more xD hahahaha after that i ate waffle which i bought in some stall:s haha then took the tube back to the hotel:) it was a tiring dayyyy as always:/

Read what happen on the 3rd day!!:)


At April 5, 2009 at 7:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

u dont like make ups? uff ure lame -_- since wheeenn?!?!?!? hahahha
my #1 must have at all time is blusher. cuz my cheeks are somehow really pale. lol
and i dont like eyeliner. not anymore at least

At April 5, 2009 at 3:04 PM , Blogger FaridaAnum. said...

Ufff make up talk haha :p
I dunoe since grade 8 start probably mcm malas je hahahaha
But my no 1 make up wud bee eyeshadow probably haha xD


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