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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Choir for senior graduation:)

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The day started when I woke up in the morning at 6:45 am!uff.I was suppose to wake up at 5:50am!but i think i turned the alarm off haha too sleepy then i went and wake my mum up haha she was like 'you dont have anything important happening to school today right?' i was like :| 'I HAVE GRADUATION TO PERFORM AT!!!' haha then she was like 'I forgot!ok ok get ready' hahahaha then we went out at 7:15 and reached school at 8:30am == haha i was sleeping in the car though:) then we had normal classes as usual till 5th period when one senior girl in our choir called me in the library and i was like yaaayy haha:P then went to take our bags and shoes from my class then went to the music room.Practice about 5 times with the song ' May the road rise' which is an amazing song to sing!especially when youre choir have sopranos autos and etc! hahaha Then we change to our NEW choir clothes which was pretty nice haha moree girly like then the one before haha anyways I got my new high heels arrghh 5 inch tall!first it was fine and evrything than after the first performance i wanted to cry because it hurts. hahahaha but i still wore it hahaha coz it was like AMAAZING haha so i cant resist:P fashion can be painful sometimes..what can you do right?:P haha the head girl in the school made the best speech ive heard ever.hahaha i think you can compare her speech with Obama's haha:P it was funny andd inspirational!haha then the headmaster Mr.Sherman did a presentation for the graduates haha it wass funny and wowish i wanted to cry thinking we're one step closer to graduate high Anyway then all of this ended at 8:30 pm and i got home by 9 or less than that.I forgot.hahaha but i got at home in time for american idol ;) haha
My feet hurts...several headache coming in hahaha andd Im tired and the mascara on my eyelashes feels so heavy right now >.< hahaha anyway tty all soon byebye


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