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Friday, April 10, 2009

8th april 2009

My flight from London reached at 6:30 am got home at 7:45 and got ready for choir practice and head out at 8:45 to school then finished at 12pm then Kyna begged me to go to one of my friend's hse == so I had to go and told my mum and everythin then we went to my friends house played guitar hero 3, internet surfing, guitar lessons haha and took lotsa pics hahaha as always;)My mum told me to come home by 5 because I had to sleep since I didnt sleep during the flight but i ended up coming home at 8:30pm:/
hahahaha she was like next time be on time!!! hahahahaha phew she didnt kill me since my dad was out hahahahaha xD I went online and stayed online till 12 then i gave up, I NEED TO SLEEP!hahahaha.I slept for 14 hours and 35 minutes :P ahaha jealous?hahahhahaha Next day my mum told me Amanie is going to come and I could go cycling and jogging round da buheira lake which i did ith amanie and kaisah at night haha it was fun hahaha:/ Today , friday , I DIDNT GO ANYWHERE!hahaha Im just too tired to go out:/ so i told my mum we r not goin anywhre today!hahahahha xD haha Tommoro i have choir practice at 9am till 11:30 am pft hahaha going with my friend then my mum would be picking me up then head to Uncle nik's house!yay im gna meet my friends!cant wait miss them soooo much!!:)

neways byebye for now ;)


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