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Monday, April 6, 2009

London - 4th day

Hey hey hey haha lemme update you on wht happen u yesterday the 4th haha:)
Went out a 12 or 1 i think went to eat at the besstt malaysian restaurant evaaaaa!!they had the best food ive ate in my entire life haha even better than those in malaysia!hahahah xD then took the tube to erm oxford circus i think and then took a bus to hyde park then walked through the hyde park and then headed to buckingham palace!:)haha it took bout 10 minute walk i think but, while i was walking, the scenery and everything was just so perfect I was thinking bout my life and how ive growned up ALOT.:/ but it was a relaxing walk I should take a walk sumtime if im streessed out and stuff.Anyway back to the update haha As i reached the buckingham palace..wah it was beautiful the whole freaking structure of the building looks expensive, the ground inside the gate at the buckingham palace was all covered with special pebbles which was shipped from Malaysia as the Queen request it should.We took lots of pictures and stuff sat at the fountain opposite the main enrance to some pics there too then walked to victoria station and took a bus to oxford street.Went to selfriges first!haha but i couldnt find the bag i wanted and after 20 minutes there they told us theyre closing down -.- gah hahaha so went out and went to FCUK and saw this amazing pink and black bag but i was likee let see other shop first coz it was 80 pounds!dang.hahaha next shop was Jane norman ahhh the shop was filled with beautiful clothes hahaha and i saw a whole collection of new handbags for spring and summer and saw this really cute white bag!and i had to buy it so i grabbed it and went to the cashier xD you know why i had to pay for it fast?MY MUM WANTS IT TOO AND SHE WAS GNA BUY IT!haha so i had to go buy first be4 she buys it coz i dunt want her to have same thing as me!:D hahhahha After that went to starbucks got my iced carammel machiato with extra caramel and wait for my dad he had a meeting -.- hahaha then when he finished we took the tube and went to queensway and ate at the malaysian's restaurant again for dinner, it was lovely:) by 10 we walked back to the hotel and i went online as usual and wtched tv for a while haha in the end i slept at 1 -.- hahaha:)
I miss dubai dunt really know why xD hahaha
anyway cant wait to get back!


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