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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Death isnt the end.

Death.....a very harsh things which constantly happening every single day to humans.My friend Juliet just lost her Mother yesterday..She passed away probably due to high blood pressure..Its scary to think that, It can happen to anyone of us..We can lose all those whom we love , Losing a mother isnt an easy thing, Nothing with death is easy..Juliet have an older brother and a younger recovering from the tragedy..its horrifying when your mother dies actually horrifying doesnt actualy describes the feeling of the lost,Mothers are the one who gave birth to us , the one to take care of us when we're young and sick,They love us no matter what.All of us will face the death of our mothers someday somehow..its just a true fact that no one can escape from, we just dont know when..I can't stop crying just to think about losing my mum..I cried today in the class thinking about how Juliet is suffering..I feel sorry for her..Hope her mother will Rest In Peace.May god help Juliet to be strong again and her brothers especialy sami the younger one, he's only in grade 6...I saw him today at school..I can see it in his eyes...the want of his mom back to his life..=(

Death isnt always a bad thing also and all of us know that, We get closer to God, Heaven is 1000000000000x better than life here in this world can ever be, In order for us to get in, We must do good deeds and be a better person.A better Muslim in my case.I still remember my Grandfather's death in july 1st 2007..I was sleeping over at my friend's house Najwa, I remember talking to her about my grandfather just the day before about how much I miss him and hope he gets well soon since he have been in the hospital for a few weeks then..And then at 10 in the morning my mum called me on my phone..she was crying..I was so worried what had happen that made my mum cry!And then she break the news..I didnt cry yet cause my body and mind didnt seem to be taking that information in..Its just to much...then she told me she is going to pick me up and go home..All came out of my mouth was..'k' and then I can see the tear falling from my eyes..Im crying even right this second..My grandfather was the besstt grandfather in this whole wide world!!I love him sooo muccchh!!I miss him teaching me english when I was small, we use to talk only in english, He was the best english teacher I will ever have in my life..Now everytime Im going to go back to penang, I always forget He isnt going to be there anymore...I cant stop myself crying just thinking he is really gone..=( Live isnt always fair right?:(

I hope he is in a better place right now may Allah take cares of him.God bless Him.
I miss you grandpa!:'(
I love you


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