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Saturday, May 2, 2009


What happens when you realised who were your fake friends?
Do you ignore them?
Do you just tell them you dont want to talk to them anymore?
Do you still be friends with the fakers?
Do you give them another chance after u gave them a million of those already?
Do you know how i feel right now?
I feel like crap.

Im just sick of those friends who..
Only talk to you when they need something from you not because they WANT to talk to you.
Who use you in such many ways you cry sometime thinking how could they do that to you.
Who you gave millions of second chances thinking they would change when the fact is they will never change no matter what you do.
Who betrays you behind your back and just pretend like nothing happen.

Im sick of these people.
I really am.Im tired of being nice to them.Giving them those second chances.
Now il just have to face the facts those friends will never change.Its time to depart for a new and better future.

Why do I have to suffer?If I just get them out of my life..Do you think I would be this much in pain and hurt for these past year?tell you what..2008 was the worse year Ive had and I hope itl be the only one.Im leaving those people who made it worse.I tried changing them.I tried being nice to them.What do they repay me?Pain.

One of my best friend told me..
Dont be friends with those guys..yes she knows the names.Im glad I told her.
Ignore those who betrays you and you shall live in a better and happy life.

And yes.I will follow those advice.For my sake.

I dont want another stupid ass friendships like those.

But im not saying I wont be friends with those fakers..They might change.
But you know what?from my heart?
I truly believe that'll take years.A very long time.

And you know what?I'll be patient this time.

Dont want to rush.

Time for my departure.

Goodbye fakers.

May god bless you all.



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