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Monday, May 11, 2009

Groups of friends.Healthy or not?

You know how there are those friends in your life where you seperate them into groups?
Like in my life..I have 4 group of my friends which I be friends with seperately if you know what i mean.
All of them practically not might know about the other friends I have.
I got the schoolmates which is group no.1
I got the malaysian friends which is group no.2
I got the friends who live in malaysia which is group no.3
and I got the Wellington(a name of a school here in dubai)friends * i call the wellington friends coz they all seem to go to that school haha* which is group no.4

I barely mixed any of these groups up.Its a bit awkward-ish for me somehow to get them all in one place and at one time.
Is it even healthy to have 4 seperate group of friends?its like ure living in 4 diff lives!haha
My school mates are always the outgoing one and I feel comfortable round them!:)ly guys!
My malaysian friends here in dubai have their own personality i have no idea or a clue of how to explain it but Im not close with most of them since I dont really feel opening up to them..just a bit weird for me somehow..I know you think its so silly but yea.But I got like 3 BFFL to me and I love them NFA and few other best friends you know who you are:)
My friends who lives in malaysia are amazing lol they make me feel like home.Theyre practically like my sisters haha I love them and I miss them so much!NDAN and lots more:)
My wellington friends are my 4 friends who are the craziest of all the other groups of friends! haha theyre fun to be with and interesting people!:)I love them:)

God I miss all of my friends been caught up with exams and revisions.I feel sick just to know that I actually study 4 hours a day or more every single day ECXEPT FRIDAYS:P hahaha I cant wait to get the exam over with.Its starting on the 24th may and end at 4th june.MY birthday would be the next day 5th june people ;) hahaha:P
Im celebrating with my schoolmates on tht day and with other friends the next day and on the 4th june and the day after i arrive malaysia which is on the 13th and 14th or maybe early;)*im actualy having to celebrate my bday at 5 diff places haha for my 4 groups of friends and my family in malaysia!* since im LITERALLY beegiingg my dad to let me go to malaysia 2 or 3 days earlier than my mum because I dunt know..I just feel like travelling alone to malaysia for once and I can have some alone time with my brother and friends till my mum arrives on the 12th june.I hope my dad would let me*cross fingers*

Anyways wish me luck for the examss!!!seriously need it especially for islamic and arabic ;) hahahaha:P

Goodbye to all of you reading
Il keep you all update on whats happening in my messed up world soon!;)


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