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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is it true?haha

Thinks far with vision (true)
Easily influenced by kindness (true):P
Polite and soft-spoken (haha only to certain people xD)
Having lots of ideas (yeap2)
Sensitive (yes)
Active mind (yes)
Hesitating (yesss)
Tends to delay (yes)
Choosy and always wants the best (yeah..):P
Temperamental (yes)
Funny and humorous (hahaha probably to my school friends)
Loves to joke (sometymes)
Good debating skills (yes!thats what my teacher said:p)
Talkative (true)
Daydreamer (true)
Friendly (yes:P)
Knows how to make friends (hmmm?)
Abiding (dont know?)
Able to show character (sumtimes :S)
Easily hurt (yes)
Prone to getting colds (yes)
Loves to dress up (love it!)
Takes time to recover when hurt (yes..alot of time)
Brand conscious (yes)
Executive (probably:P)
Stubborn (yes!)
Those who loves me are enemies(some)


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