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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ramadhan Month.*innocent smile*

So its been about 10 days?or so, tht ive fasted in the month of ramadhan.
First day was real hard.hahaha.I was hungry 24/7.
then it got better day by day.
The school in this country starting next week
and my parents still didnt make the decision whether i should be studying here or KL.
Tonite is decision night;)
I went to My school today to get my last year final exam results.It dissapointed me.I guess i got to distracted this year.hmph.Then I went to sheffield to get the school fees thinggy or wtver.haha.
If i stay here then il probably be going there.IF they accept me ==.
Ive been going to guitar class rite?
not sure if i mentioned it or not.anyways, the teacher said im catching up with my frend really well.Im so proud of myself :D hahaa.
its only been 5 classes now.
lol more to go!
I made my Eid clothes at the tailor last night.
I hope it turns out well.cant wait to wear them xD
Im dead hungry now.1 hour and 30 minutes to go till Iftar!geeeez.thts long.hahah.
il be patient though.
Now i got to go and clean my room n stuff.
I slept for only 2 hours yesterday O.o
ugh.i feel sleepy now.but i really cant sleep.


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