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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1st day back in KL :)

I can't tell if im dreaming, or am i really sittin in the dining room, in my hse, in malaysia.

Yesterday I had to wake up at 5am to get ready to go to the airport, I slept at 1 am, stupid thing to do.then got ready and at 6am my mum brought me to my neighbour's hse to say goodbye and all :), then we head out, i was just looking out of the back seat window, looking at wht im gna miss looking at when i go never seem to realise tht such lil things makes such a HUGEE differents.hmph, I reached the airport at 6:40am, checked in, then went to get breakfast, i was starving like hell.hahah.ate at costa with my parents, then had to say goodbye:( i wanted to cry, but i had to keep it in, dont wanna cry in public rite?and i want to make sure my parents think im gna be okay:) then we went with the emirates escort lady.she brought me to the lounge, then another lady escort me to the plane, i went in first ;P such a cool feeling hahaha, everyone is waiting , and there i am just going in like 10 min before everyone else board the plane.then i met the head hostress, she was freakin nice and cool, me lav her <3 haha:) she gave me first class window seat :)anyways the plane was shaking most of the time >.< and the food wasnt tht great.hahah.and there was no twilight movie!wtf.hahah.
I reached Kuala lumpur with a smile on my face, cant believe im actually here,My aunt picked me up,then we went to eat since i didnt eat since morning,i ate fried rice, but it was makes me miss my mum's cooking already!hahah.The next day my aunt brought me back to my brother's place, we left my luggage bags and all, then went to Utama international school to get the registration form, i have to go there again on friday to do my entrance exam, wish me luckk :D.Then we went to Alpha angle, bought a new glasses for school, bought a new phone number and my groceries.after that we head bck to my brother's place, i called my bff Diyana to come over, we hanged out for like an hour, then my other bff Ayin called us and told us to go to her house, we hanged out for hours, it was so much fun catching up, we laughed like mad most of the time, and we even danced for the song nobody by wonder girls, so awesome;p hahahh.then we went karoeke in the living room, fun fun:D, then i had to go back and Diyana too, and since Ayin still wanted to hang out, she followed me home, we hanged out for hours n hours.such a good time:) and took pictures in my webcam, as usual ;)then she had to leave, and as soon as she left, my brother came home with mc donald food, i ate a lil fries since i was still full from lunch and milo ice blended at Ayin's hse!the ice blended was awesome:) and to drink it with them?wayy more awesome hahaha.Anyways thats all for my first day i guess, got to study for my entrance exam..

I'll update later aite?:)
take care all of you.


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