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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Missing those moments

- I miss those times all us girls in the car, nurul driving, me sitting next to her,
ayin at the back, singing and moving our heads and shaking to the music on the

- I miss all the last minute plans to go and watch movies at KLCC with Ayin

- I miss those painful long walk from KLCC to Pavilion, the laughter and
cheerfulness along the way with the guys and ayin.

- I miss the karoeke times with my frends.It was crazy and funny :)

- I miss those times when Diyana TRIES REALLY HARD to teach me the song crazier on
the guitar and me just wna give up because i thought i would never learn it in

- I miss the feeling of texting and knowing it wont cost you more than 1 cent per

- I miss Ayin's weird laugh and Nurul's LOUD laughter.

- I miss watching Acap driving and do tektonik dance while driving hahaha.

- I miss aqif trying to cover his nose with his tissues at bukit bintang:P

- I miss shamil and iman making fun of people.its bad.but i swear to god its funny.

- I miss hanging out infront of diyana's house with iman and diyana and ayin till 10
pm in school nights.

- I miss asking my brother to drop me to places.I like to use

- I miss calling phone credit TOP UP hahaha.

- I miss going jamming with the guys and ayin.I go deaf usually when i go.but yeah
who cares.

- I miss going for movies knowing the ticket is 10 bucks not 30!hahaha :P

- I miss calling my frends telling them to wake up and get ready!

- I miss going to aerobic class with ayin and her mum

- I miss going out with nurul and syimir!they fight alot in the car i swear >.<

- I miss KL!

theres too much to list.
i miss it .gah.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A two face person, and some craps

its an issue huh?between couples these days.
Is having a boyfrend really worth it?
all the worries
the precious time
your phone credit:P haha
I know guys,
who made promises to their girlfriends that they wont text or call other girls
and made the girlfriends do the same thing with their guy- frends.
But the guys.behind their gf's back.daym.
theyre such an ass.
they might as well make a promise to the girls tht they were gna marry them.
they dont actually keep those promises man.
its just words they say to make you feel loved and happy that he aint cheating on you but when the truth is he is.
I seriously feel sick of those guys.I mean.
infront of their gf they are so effin innocent==
but behind their backs theyre like desperate teen boys who wants lotsa girls to pay attention to them.
they make me sick.
Some guys arent like that, but you know, no guys are 100% innocent.
Some guys are good and most are bad aite?
most just wants to use you.thats how sick they are.

Anyways, enough boys talk.
Im back in Dubai now.
1 more month, im going back to KL again probably.
Parents making the decision soon.
I miss Msia so much.

my current fave songs are
cash cash - theres a party in your bedroom
turning me on - keri hilson
love game - lady gaga

anyways im lazy to write more
il just keep updating every now and then

love you people

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1st august :D the meet with ms.Najwa ;)

my heart was beating so fast when i realised i was gna meet my best friend Najwa,
we havent seen each other for 2 years :|
As i walked to topshop where i told her to wait for me at
i ws so freakin nervous i got G.bumps all over me haha
then there she stood!
I couldnt believe it :|
i keep on staring at her haha
she's there
and i was here
we didnt move when we saw each other
then after few seconds
i realised i havent walked up to her yet and hug her :/
then i walk so fast hahaha
and we're both like OMG!
and hugged
and hugged
and then both of us said
i cant believe you're here :/ its awkward...
awkward because we havent seen each other for a long time that is.
I only got to be with her for 2 hours though
it was soo muuuch fuun.
But then she had to leave...
We both hate this part
last time,
both of us cried so hard..
this time
my tears took over me
and she was tearing too
i was just freaakkin sad..
knowing i wont get to see her again in a year or two..
I miss you already najwa :(