Pretty Little Problems

be yourself.let go.and forget about the world.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A walk on the beach

I love the way you hold my hand,
when we walked on the beach at night,
the wind blowing just about right,
not too cold, not too hot,
then we just sat there,
and talked, and talked,
i swear i never seem to wanna end the conversation,
i love talking to you,
you really listen and understand me,
I love that about you,
You just make me special in so many ways,
You always say the right thing at the right time,
It was the best walk ive had so far, trust me:)
Its so sweeet!I love you:)

Cant wait to see you again <3

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our song

My heart beating rapidly,
Heaven is where i see you,
The bright night accompany us,
With the wind blowing just about right.

As I play my acoustic guitar,
With hope that he would hear it,
This melody i made,
Only to show how I missed him.

And I continue singing this song for him,
Eventhough millions will hear it,
This song is only meant for you,
The direction of our lives,
Helpless stars in our space,
Flashing the paint of love,
And there our song was invented.

Eid al fitr or should I say Selamat Hari Rayaa!:D

This year Raya wasnt as much fun as the ones before,
My brother isnt here,
Najwa too:(
Everything went pretty slow till the last house at Haziq's when I met Yasmin, Sarah and Frina and Liyana.
I had a blast having fun, acting stupid and being a kid;) HAHA.

I think i went to like 10 houses or something on the first day
Effin tired.

Second day had only 2 houses to go.
Auntie Yati;s hse at Jumeira was fun.
Hang out with faidhi till he left,
then as soon as he left, Frina came.How lucky right?:P
Took tons of pics!
too bad not with my camera.
il be getting the pics soon.HOPEFUULLLLYY.
and I'll upload it on Facebook and myspace;) haha.

Anyways Enjoy Eid with your love ones!
Take careee<3

Monday, September 14, 2009


I stood there,in the lobby,
Waiting for you,
happy at the same time.
then there you came
from the lift,
you suddenly came walking fast towards me,
I didnt know what to expect,
You told me earlier you wanted to give me something,
So I stood there, thinking whether i should tell you ive liked you since I first met you,
But i got scared to tell you,
maybe you dont feel the same way too,
Then i couldnt stand it,
I told you,
I like you, I like you alot.
And you reached infront of me,
took my hand,
and grab me closer to you with your left hand,
and you pressed your lips to mine,
After that wonderful kiss of yours,
you whispered in my ears,
I like you too, Alot.
and you smiled
god, i love your smile.
Those dimples on your cheeks.
Gah, I could faint thinking im yours and you're mine.

I love you.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Give love a try

You, you like driving on a Sunday
You, you like taking off on Monday
You, you're like a dream, a dream come true

I, I'm just a face you never notice
Now I'm just trying to be honest
With myself, with you, with the world

You might think that I'm a fool
For falling over you
But tell me what I can do to prove to you
That it's not so hard to do
Give love a try, one more time
Cause you know that I'm on your side
Give love a try, one more time

In your eyes, when I saw them for the first time,
And that I was gonna love you for a long time
With a love so real, so right

How did it play out like a movie,
Now every time it's beat can move me,
And I can't get your smile off my mind...

Give Love A try - Nick Jonas

Someone sang to me this song on his guitar
His eyes looking through me
Singing this amazing meaningful song
His voice, how smooth his voice was
I couldnt help smiling back and gazed into his eyes
I never knew he was this kinda guy,
Who like to play his acoustic guitar,
who love to sing meaningful song..
I always thought he was the *tough* kinda guy..
I rather have someone singing love songs to me and mean it
then someone who thinks keeping it cool is the way we do it.
I miss his voice already.
And his awesome smile <3

I miss you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ramadhan Month.*innocent smile*

So its been about 10 days?or so, tht ive fasted in the month of ramadhan.
First day was real hard.hahaha.I was hungry 24/7.
then it got better day by day.
The school in this country starting next week
and my parents still didnt make the decision whether i should be studying here or KL.
Tonite is decision night;)
I went to My school today to get my last year final exam results.It dissapointed me.I guess i got to distracted this year.hmph.Then I went to sheffield to get the school fees thinggy or wtver.haha.
If i stay here then il probably be going there.IF they accept me ==.
Ive been going to guitar class rite?
not sure if i mentioned it or not.anyways, the teacher said im catching up with my frend really well.Im so proud of myself :D hahaa.
its only been 5 classes now.
lol more to go!
I made my Eid clothes at the tailor last night.
I hope it turns out well.cant wait to wear them xD
Im dead hungry now.1 hour and 30 minutes to go till Iftar!geeeez.thts long.hahah.
il be patient though.
Now i got to go and clean my room n stuff.
I slept for only 2 hours yesterday O.o
ugh.i feel sleepy now.but i really cant sleep.