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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday the 29th

On friday, I had to wake up about 9:30 ate breakfast then watch tv hahaha :P
then I studied for a few hours and got ready to go out to the sea!haha My family and another 2 families went to take a cruise in the sea with one of the uncle's company's yacht boat or WTVER you call it hahaha.
It was fun, I stayed up the whole time till i decided it was too hot and i need ac so I went downstairs and inside.Sat at the dining table with my friends and talk and talk then all of us went downstairs to the lowest floor there is and head to the master bedroom and we hang out there for a while, I was bored a bit and i saw lotsa mirrors around us hahaha so I asked the guys and girls to go on the bed and take a pic of us all together at the mirror lol, funny :)
Then about 8 pm we had to go back to shore and get off the boat, I was sad haha, i wish we lived in a boat instead of a house sumhow hahaha:P
Then i begged my parents to go to Frina's house since she was having some dinner haha so my dad said yes so we all reached there about 9 sumthin, as soon as I reached there nabila was there already and i saw the two of them, i started smiling really hard since i was soo happpyy that i saw them again!!I really really miss them so much hahaha.Then all of us started talking hahaha then head outside for a while, i was high hahaha dont know how, but yeah hahaha i was laughing pretty much the whole time , and i keep on forgetting why did i laugh hahaha =/
Then we went to frina's room haha we made sumthin like a dnace video haha fuhneh hahahha.=)
then my parents called me to go hom at about 10:30 :(
I was pretty sad again hahaha i hugged them all, nabila , frina and liyana <3
theyre so much fun to be with =D
here are SOME pics i took tht friday:)

Friday, May 29, 2009

bffl(some of mine)

Frina : the most loyal friend ive ever had and bffl
Najwa: the entertaining one and sister like ;) and bffl
Faidhi:the funny one tht makes me smile and laugh even when im sad! and ofcourse bffl

I wanna talk about these 3 for once althogether just 3 of them.

You guys are my backbone ,i mean it, without you supporting me through these past years,i could have been at a worse state than i already am.

You guys make me smile and laugh and even cry altogether!its an amazing feeling when being around you guys and also talk to you guys even though you're far away.

You guys are the best of best friends anyone could have , really.I should be thanking you guys everyday for being mine.:)

Nothing can seperates us now, even in the future, no matter how far we live our life apart, no one can stop us now.

I will always love you guys no matter what =)

Need anything?dont hesitate to call me or anything, at any time no matter how busy I am I'll put it to a stop and help you all :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Im over you huney

I'm over your lies
And I'm over your games.
I'm over you asking me
When you know I'm not okay.
You call me
And I pick up the phone.
And though you've been telling me, I know you're not alone
Wanting you to be wanting me.
No, that ain't no way to be.
How I feel.
Read my lips.
Because I'm so over you
Moving on
It is my time.
You never were a friend of mine.
Hurt at first a little bit
But now I'm so over
I'm so over it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Water Fight = Suspension = Red eyes

hmm.they told me yesterday we were gna have a waterfight today so everyone was like all hyped up about it, I was just like erm we'll seee coz i dont like getting in trouble:P(yeah right) So today everyone was waiting for the bell to ring for break and when the bell rang everyone started running to the canteen to buy tons of waterbottles and by tons i mean like 3 to 5 for one person -.- or even more!
I just got one bottle coz i didnt plan to pour on someone since I had to go to the head of section after break to give something.Looking at the football literally look like a war everyone was chasing each other with bottles of water to throw at em!So i told EVERYONE that im not playing but i guess they were to deaf a girl screaming at them and telling them PROPERLY that i did not wna get wet -.- guess who's the first girl who came running near to me and threw half a bottle of water at my uniform!it was my freakin best friend Refqah== hahahaha!i started screaming hahaha then i took my bottle and pour half of it to her back!haha then i calm down:P hahaha I got worried that Id get in trouble haha because who knows the principal might be wtchin haha.So then one of my other best friend was sooo CLEVER she poured on my back -.- haha so i poured at her too.haha:P then the bell rang and break is over.I got up to class pretty early so the head of section wasnt there waiting for us.But almost all the other girls got up late so they got caught with their whole uniform soaking wet like they just finished swimming class-.- haha then they were sent to the optional room.I was in the class with a few of my friends.But refqah and yehani and tehani and the others were in the optional room being screwed.Then the head of section told one teacher to went around the year 8 and 7 section and go to each class and ask if anyone is wet to go to the optional room.I was wet but the teacher didnt get caught.So as my other two friends.But then we were like lets just go..we dont wna feel guilty and all..And if we get caught we''l get caught lying too.So we actually had the guts and went to the optional room.When i entered the were so many students in the room.It was shocking that all these people was in never seem that much at the football ground.and guess what everyone was doing?they were literaly banging the desks and dancing instead of crying cause the got busted.-.-.Then the head of section heard us all and came and scream like MAD.everyone was so freakin scared.She was like ' All of you!3 days suspension!you test my limits a billion times already!!' and everyone was staring at her at disbelief..everyone then kept quiet and know we were really in that big trouble.I was crying.i dont know.tears just came out like mad.
I was for sure know that I would get a warning letter out of all of this trouble.And then so continues on..and after few hours the head of section told us' I treated you kids like my own child..I dont have any children so I make all of you my children, and this is what you repay me after all those millions of second chances this is what you do to me'and then she got out some tears in her eyes..I stared in disbelief...that i just saw her...MY HEAD OF SECTION...THE WOMAN WHO I THOUGHT WAS MEAN AND ALL...cried...I was crying even more!she finally told us its okay and everything no one will get in trouble...but i still cried ALOT.I cant believe she forgive us after all we did we were so mean to her for the past year and the year before..I cant believe i hurt her so much..I mean I never knew i would make her cry or get hurt..:'( Im crying rite now just remembering what it was like the in was sad that this is my final year with her and We did this all trouble and made her cry on our very last day of classes.I really regret saying all those stuff about her..I really do.She doesnt deserve it.All the strict stuff she have done or how strict she act it was all because she loves us.

I love you too Ms.Rubina..
wow...I actually said that..its really unbelievable really..
coming out from all of the mouth of the students who i never expected will ever apreciate the teacher...Even i was shocked i said that..
but truthfully..I really do love her..She is one a heck of a teacher :)

Im gna miss grade 8.
all the wooings in the corridor after each classes..
the waterfights in breaks..
the banging on the table and dancing to those weird arabic
the games we use to play when were COMPLETELY bored in arabic class..
the paper chats..
and so many other things!
although i dont think il miss the pulling up skirts:P hahaha i swear those of you who pulled my skirts this yeaar youre on the black list:P hahahaha.

Year 8.
define in one word?
I dont think i words explain it. week exams starts then summer holiday.Im gna miss all of my classmates.
I really will, we bonded so weelll!:(

anyways im tired of writing gta check on facebook now.:P

Ly all

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is it true?haha

Thinks far with vision (true)
Easily influenced by kindness (true):P
Polite and soft-spoken (haha only to certain people xD)
Having lots of ideas (yeap2)
Sensitive (yes)
Active mind (yes)
Hesitating (yesss)
Tends to delay (yes)
Choosy and always wants the best (yeah..):P
Temperamental (yes)
Funny and humorous (hahaha probably to my school friends)
Loves to joke (sometymes)
Good debating skills (yes!thats what my teacher said:p)
Talkative (true)
Daydreamer (true)
Friendly (yes:P)
Knows how to make friends (hmmm?)
Abiding (dont know?)
Able to show character (sumtimes :S)
Easily hurt (yes)
Prone to getting colds (yes)
Loves to dress up (love it!)
Takes time to recover when hurt (yes..alot of time)
Brand conscious (yes)
Executive (probably:P)
Stubborn (yes!)
Those who loves me are enemies(some)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Graduating?please say not yet!wait for me:P

How does it feel when ALMOST all of your friends are graduating WAYYY earlier than u?
hahhaa its sad really:P Im going to miss them like HELLLL!:(
This year two of my friends Frina and Nabila are graduating high school and off to college :/ the two best friends!:(
Im going to miss themm likee SO much!Both of them were like my sisters!theyre so much fun to be with=D haha.Both of them graduating and probably even going to the same University which is so unfair:P hahahaha.But look at the bright sight!we still have internets video calls and phones to be in contact with each other anytime we miss each other :)
Damn, I got 2 more years till my IG..its sad really haha by tht time Faidhi, Najwa ,Brian , Haziq , Liyana , and almost everyone i know already finished the previous year!which is next JUNE!:(
argh.I was suppose to do my IG in 2012 but i persuade my mum to let me do it in 2011:P hahaha.
And omigosh haha 3 more weeks till my birthdayyyy:) I cant wait to celebrate it with my friends and parents!:)
and 4 more weeks till MALLAYYSIAA TRULLYY ASSIIAAA;)
Me cant wait to meet all of my friends thereee!its been such a LONG time!=(
Neways this is some pictures and moments I shared with Frina and Nabila.
Im going to miss you guys!Love you bothh so much bff!:P
Lots of hugs and kisses to you guys!:)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Groups of friends.Healthy or not?

You know how there are those friends in your life where you seperate them into groups?
Like in my life..I have 4 group of my friends which I be friends with seperately if you know what i mean.
All of them practically not might know about the other friends I have.
I got the schoolmates which is group no.1
I got the malaysian friends which is group no.2
I got the friends who live in malaysia which is group no.3
and I got the Wellington(a name of a school here in dubai)friends * i call the wellington friends coz they all seem to go to that school haha* which is group no.4

I barely mixed any of these groups up.Its a bit awkward-ish for me somehow to get them all in one place and at one time.
Is it even healthy to have 4 seperate group of friends?its like ure living in 4 diff lives!haha
My school mates are always the outgoing one and I feel comfortable round them!:)ly guys!
My malaysian friends here in dubai have their own personality i have no idea or a clue of how to explain it but Im not close with most of them since I dont really feel opening up to them..just a bit weird for me somehow..I know you think its so silly but yea.But I got like 3 BFFL to me and I love them NFA and few other best friends you know who you are:)
My friends who lives in malaysia are amazing lol they make me feel like home.Theyre practically like my sisters haha I love them and I miss them so much!NDAN and lots more:)
My wellington friends are my 4 friends who are the craziest of all the other groups of friends! haha theyre fun to be with and interesting people!:)I love them:)

God I miss all of my friends been caught up with exams and revisions.I feel sick just to know that I actually study 4 hours a day or more every single day ECXEPT FRIDAYS:P hahaha I cant wait to get the exam over with.Its starting on the 24th may and end at 4th june.MY birthday would be the next day 5th june people ;) hahaha:P
Im celebrating with my schoolmates on tht day and with other friends the next day and on the 4th june and the day after i arrive malaysia which is on the 13th and 14th or maybe early;)*im actualy having to celebrate my bday at 5 diff places haha for my 4 groups of friends and my family in malaysia!* since im LITERALLY beegiingg my dad to let me go to malaysia 2 or 3 days earlier than my mum because I dunt know..I just feel like travelling alone to malaysia for once and I can have some alone time with my brother and friends till my mum arrives on the 12th june.I hope my dad would let me*cross fingers*

Anyways wish me luck for the examss!!!seriously need it especially for islamic and arabic ;) hahahaha:P

Goodbye to all of you reading
Il keep you all update on whats happening in my messed up world soon!;)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


What happens when you realised who were your fake friends?
Do you ignore them?
Do you just tell them you dont want to talk to them anymore?
Do you still be friends with the fakers?
Do you give them another chance after u gave them a million of those already?
Do you know how i feel right now?
I feel like crap.

Im just sick of those friends who..
Only talk to you when they need something from you not because they WANT to talk to you.
Who use you in such many ways you cry sometime thinking how could they do that to you.
Who you gave millions of second chances thinking they would change when the fact is they will never change no matter what you do.
Who betrays you behind your back and just pretend like nothing happen.

Im sick of these people.
I really am.Im tired of being nice to them.Giving them those second chances.
Now il just have to face the facts those friends will never change.Its time to depart for a new and better future.

Why do I have to suffer?If I just get them out of my life..Do you think I would be this much in pain and hurt for these past year?tell you what..2008 was the worse year Ive had and I hope itl be the only one.Im leaving those people who made it worse.I tried changing them.I tried being nice to them.What do they repay me?Pain.

One of my best friend told me..
Dont be friends with those guys..yes she knows the names.Im glad I told her.
Ignore those who betrays you and you shall live in a better and happy life.

And yes.I will follow those advice.For my sake.

I dont want another stupid ass friendships like those.

But im not saying I wont be friends with those fakers..They might change.
But you know what?from my heart?
I truly believe that'll take years.A very long time.

And you know what?I'll be patient this time.

Dont want to rush.

Time for my departure.

Goodbye fakers.

May god bless you all.