Pretty Little Problems

be yourself.let go.and forget about the world.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Make me stop crying because of you

You make me cry
every single day
all those tears came out
all because of you
You made me fall for you so hard
then pushed me away so fast
left me alone to recover from a broken heart
Did you really think it was that easy?
to just forget about you and move on like you did?
maybe for you it was...
it was definitely not for me
I struggled to concentrate on other things
My heart and mind felt like it was in a coma..
I actually thought we were meant to be
but you
you just had to say those words,
those 7 words...
it sound so simple to you
but it hurt me like a knife which stabbed in my heart...
Why was i such a fool to fall for you int he first place..

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Why is jealousy always the problem?
i miss you
i really do
but all those jealousy
hurts alot..
it pains me to be with you
when all you think is
im cheating on you
all my memories of you
are all our fights..
but everytime i think of you
it makes me smile..
why do i still have you on my mind?
constantly having your face, your smile in my head..
I feel like crying everytime those pictures of us pops up in my head..
its all because i love you
im just sad that
you dont believe me...
its really really sad and painful
to know someone you love
doesnt believe a single word you say..
i guess thats what love and life is all about
theres those hard time
and those good times...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busy busy summer

Hello hello hello people <3
Sorry didnt put up new post lately
too lazy and busy!
haha, done alot of things this summer!
and its only been a month
now lets see wht ive done so far aite?;)
.watch tones of movies in the cinema
.starbucks-ing ;)
.make lotsa stupid shit videos
.finished all my money that i saved up -.-
.went to cheercomp 09, it was okkaay, last year was better!
.have new hopes
.watched transformers 2 over 5 times :/
.late nights n early mornings ;)...make that late afternoon i think :P
.hanged out with my dearest friends everyday<3
.been searching for a french teacher!
.got a new ankle boots!weee
.made a contract agreement with my brother ;) haha u know wht i mean:P
.laughed so hard that i thought i got breathing problem right after that hahaha
.overcome some of my fears :D
.made a whole new cheograph dances for sugar - florida ft wynter andd krazy - pitbull
.made new friends!

haha im blank now...
il update later
need to sleep!
before my mum knows im online.....