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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hows summer going?

hows summer?
Mine is good!:)
Summer holidays started for me on the 5th june on my bday.
Its the 25th now.
My brothers bday haha
Summer have been great for me,
Saved alot of school money for it!
I got best tickets to akons concert,
most of my friends here in malaysia are joining me including my brother to the concert.
Its actually next week.Time fly by really fast now.
i got the tickets like 2 weeks ago, it felt like it was just yesterday:/
Ive been hanging out with my dearest friends almost everyday now too!
I just came back from watching transformers 2, with 2 of my friends,
it was a last minute decision, so we didnt get such good seats, but hell, it was so good.hahaha.the jokes were funny, the war was fine, the starting was a bit blurry for me!hahaha.I was texting, so didnt really concentrate at first.
I think this summer had a very good start!
Lets hope the whole summer will be much much better than last year!! =D

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boys over flowers

Okay,theres this one Korean teen drama series ive been addicted to lately,
haha Its called 'Boys over flowers'.N my god, it is gooooodd.haha.

Here is a short description of this drama :
Geum jandi comes from a poor family and she got admitted into the prestigious Shinhwa High School after stopping a Shinhwa student who was being bullied from committing suicide.Shinhwa High was established by the Shinhwa Group, the biggest conglomerate in Korea, and is attended by the scions of the wealthiest families.Here she meets face to face with the notorious F4 members(Flower four boys)the four richest and most priviledged students who reign over the entire school.Goo junpyo is the leader of F4 and is also the heir of the Shinhwa group.he issued a dreaded red card to Jandi and makes her life miserable after she humiliates him.The only person who seemed to have sympathy for her was Yoon jihoo, one of F4 who saved her numerous times.However, Junpyo developed a feeling towards the spunky Jandi, the first person ever in Shinhwa to declare war against the elitst F4!It turned out to be a twisted love triangle between Jandi , Junpyo and Jihoo.

My couzin got me to watch it with her when I was visiting Penang(a city in malaysia).
Haha, at first I seriously thought it was lame, stupid, and I certainly do not watch korean shows.hahaha.But then, I was literally bored, i would have jump out a 20 storey I told myself 'okay..Im bored now..just go on youtube and watch the show, and see what so good about it'.So i turned on my laptop and go to youtube!haha.I search it and wait for the whole thing download.One episode was like an hour and a half :|
haha.So then i started.The first episode was okay, then i got to the second one, and the third one and the fourth was good.hahahaha.
And i checked the time...uff..its 3 in the morning.hahhaha. I was shocked.

Anyways, from then on I got addicted to it, until I was in episode 11, i was tired of waiting for it to download and all.
And my friend Sya asked me to go to JJ(shopping mall) with her, so I was like great!I could buy their dvd.Ive been wanting to buy it for so long now.ahaha.
It was 129rm/132 dhs. And at first i didnt wna waste my money so yeah.
But in JJ i went to the dvd shop, and there it was , its like as if its been waiting for me all its life..hahaha.
So i grabbed it and in my mind 'buy it, dont buy it , buy it, dont buy it, buy it dont buy it , buy it, dont buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it!!!'
Anyways I finished the whole thing yesterday :)
The second last episode made me cry sooo much when Junpyo had an accident.ufff.
Thank god everyone was asleep.ahaha.
It was sadd.
I still think jihoo was better for jandi than junpyo for you who watch the show and likes junpyo!hahahaha.


Everyone should watch this!
Owh, and if you want to watch on youtube, type boys before flowers instead of boys over flowers.
The Dvd and Soundtrack cd is out.
please buy it and be a fan!hahahaha:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

just a lil update =)

Didnt write for almost a week?
damn.hahaha.Been busy lately.
Im finally in malaysia.yay.
Let see...My birthday on 5th june..
I woke up at 6:30am, slept only for about 4 hours.Couldnt sleep.and no its not because of excitement.hahaha.My schoolmates came to my house at about 5 and then we head out to the place where the limousine is picking us up.=)
We took a ride around dubai in the limo, it was fun :)
Then head to Dubai Festival City ,we did lotsa stuff, it was fun again haha=)
Next day my mum invited my Malaysian friends over for lunch.
It was okay =)
Oh, and frina gave me this AMAZING present <3 il her hahaha
Next day, was sunday the 7th, i had to start packing my bags for Malaysia :/
And yes, it took me bout one day to pack my bag hahaha, 80% of the time was trying to make it all fit in hahahaha!:P
Next day , the 8th, woke up at 6:30 am, took a bath got ready, reached the airport by 9:15 and when we were checking in, the staff told us that the flight was overbooked.==.They said they would give us another free round trip ticket if we travel tmrw instead but HELL NO i was going to malaysia a day late hahaha.I cried ofcourse so my mum said no, we'll wait and see if someonelse will back out.
We waited.
And we waited.
And we waited.
10 am they told us we got seats ==, the stupid flight was at 10:30am ==
So me and my mum had to run, well not run but be fast.hahaha.
And when we reached there , we straight away board the plane.
10:30 pass by.
11:00 pass by
11:30 pass by
12:00 announcement was made :
'Im sorry , but due to some technical difficulty we arents able to fly this plane, so please go to gate 208 and board the plane there'
== seriously, i got so pissed off.hahaha.
gate 208 was on the other side of the airport ==
Anyways i got 2 starbucks ice carammel latte though so it was okay.then we found out the plane will only take off at 2 pm ==
SERIOUSLY.this was one of the bad days ever.
Owh, Brian's dad was on the same flight too.==
Anyways the flight wass fine, not a bumpy one thank god.
We reached my bro's house at about 2am.
I finally ate my dinner hahaha
my maid prepared some noodles =) bihun goreng in malay =)
It was niiice.hahaha :)
next day hanged out with my friend.
the next too.
and a sleepover.
and today i hanged out with them in the afternoon then went to Nikko hotel where my parents are staying and ate dinner at this amazing restaurant.lobster.yyuumm.hahaha.
then head to KLCC it was fun i guess, my brother got lots of billabong and quiksilver slippers haha, so him.
then went back to the hotel to hang.
and Me and my brother went back home at bout 11:30.
i was pretty sleepy during the ride back home haha him too==
and here i am, in the living room, half asleep hahahaha, and being bored.
Its 12:45 rite now =)
Tmrw imma head out to my auntie's hse =)
ttyl guys.

Monday, June 8, 2009

this is to you B*&$%

xyah prasan la pompuan! i didnt write about u in my blog. n btw, thnxx for readin my blog

Only to her and her friends
not intended for anyonelse:)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Someday your gonna realize,
One day you'll see this through my eyes
By then I wont even be there
To show you what you're missing
I know you dont really see my worth
You thought that you're the last guy on earth
Well I got some news for you
I know Im not that strong to tell you
But it wont take long
Someday someone's gonna love me
The way I wanted you to love me
One day I'll forget about'll see
I wont even miss you anymore...someday.
Right now I know you can tell
Im probably down and not doing really well
But one day...these tears will run dry
I dont havve to cry..
Sweet goodbye..
Someday someone is gonna love me
The way I wanted you to love me
Someday someone is gonna take your place
One day I'll forget about'll see
I wont even miss you..someday.

written by: Nicole Dominic, Farida Anum and Nazahat Joy.

Lets hope you realize before I leave..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You need to realise soon

You might have all your friends delete me from their myspace,
Have them hate me,
maybe as much as you do,
I dont even know why you hate me,
when I just asked you a simple question,
'You did that didnt you?'
and there, after that msg was sent, you never replied,
You seem to never want to talk to me ever again,
You are one of the closest people in the whole world for me,
I use to look up to you,
I really did, thought you were different, let say innocent.
But you were the opposite of innocent,
You never thought whats the consequence of the things you did,
you stupid little thing,
And you got mad at me for asking bout it,
and you said i had no business to ask you like that,
But maybe I dont..I dont know..
But you know what you did was bad,
I really hope you will realise it someday,
I just hope you change back to the person you use to be 2 years ago,
He was a good guy.
Unlike the guy you are now.
I miss the old guy.He was 100000x better than you right now.
I dont know why you've changed, maybe you have to much freedom nowadays.
But im gna make that change, YOU need to change,
I know i might not be such a perfect model for changing my life and stuff,
But at least I try.So I want you to get over all this nonsense and be a better guy.
Its for your best, and for your parents.